SHAPES and PATTERNS - Only 1 per Day

Works must contain defined shape or pattern. Please read the rules to avoid image rejection!


  • Blue Buckle by brilightning
  • Its only fair (pattern) by Yampimon
  • Cosmic dust by Irina Reznikova
  • Green Sea Monster.........Lyme Dorset UK by lynn carter
  • Floral Bee and Berries by Doombucket
  • Yellow Cat Collage and Pattern by TeAnne
  • She can hear the daisies grow by Photography  by Mathilde
  • Ancient Chess Set by Wolf Sverak
  • Observation Tower Walkway -  by John  Kapusta
  • Distressed Beauty by CJ Anderson
  • Hard Light: Here Comes the Sun by barrowda
  • Stretched shapes on a black background by Azaziel
  • Nature Kaleidoscope 34 by Rachael Martin
  •  Original Graffiti On A Wall In Rome by Fara
  • Rainbow Candy, Geometric Pattern by GJade
  • Up by Annmarie *
  • Spiraling Petals by Rene Crystal
  • Exploding Frangapangie by Rosalie Scanlon