SHAPES and PATTERNS -- Still only 1 image/day --

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  • Primordial Soup by Bob Wall
  • Cubismicalisations by Yampimon
  • Candy by John Velocci
  • mini mushrooms by BigAndRed
  • The Mantis by Francis Drake
  • Musical Toupee  by ArtbyDigman
  • Untitled by Almanzart
  • Swaying in Green by Kathleen Daley
  • Under Full Sails by cclaude
  • Skyscraper  by cjcphotography
  • Wheels of Progress #1 by Lexa Harpell
  • Sunlight weaving through fern fronds by WesternExposure
  • Bends In Space Continuum by metriognome
  • The Factory Door by metriognome
  • Centreline by metriognome
  • Underworld Gate by metriognome
  • Hidden World by sienebrowne
  • Nature's abstract by AnnaKT