Shameless Self-Promotion

Getting yourself seen and sold is the aim of this group.

  • A sepia digital painting of Shipping on the Thames Estuary 1886 by Dennis Melling
  • Knauth Design 1 by Günter Maria  Knauth
  • Fight the Power (orange) by Kim Gauge
  • Summer Maiden  by Niina Niskanen
  • Warperup Creek by Paul Amyes
  • Retail Therapy in Rome by Viv Thompson
  • The White Wolf by billfox256
  • 177 - Sweet thoughts by CarlaSophia
  • A day in the forest by kostolany244
  • Nave Cathedral Koln Germany 19840902 0009  by Fred Mitchell
  • 4 connected rainbow spirals by EucalyptusBear
  • Three Masks by CarolM
  • Swan ballet dancer whimsy watercolor by Sarah Trett
  • Bridge over the Tiber by Viv Thompson
  • Ofelia Angel, Oil painting by JuliaSpiri
  • Rainy Beach with stars and sun pattern by JohnChocolate
  • Mary Shelley's Frankenstein by Gareth Southwell
  • Dream Of The Orient by Patricia Howitt