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Feature This!!

This challenge closed over 8 years ago.

The Challenge

Red Bubble has a feature page and Richard and I think this group should be on it. So, what we’re asking is that everyone submit a photo that they think would look good on the RB Art feature page and then we can vote on it and request of our masters that they accept our humble offering.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for as many as you like, of course, but if you have a theme in mind that is good. We want the features to look good together, and in the case of this challenge, the winner will dictate the theme.

Rewards & Prizes

Being featured. New avatar. I will also buy a card of the winner, too.

Additional Information

Because this is a challenge to beneift the group as a whole, there may be some adjustments to make sure that a definite theme emerges, since that will appeal to the RB crew. We will also try for a term on the Home Page.

We are giving you a little time to decide on your choices here.

Good luck.

Cover Image: Sign Posts by Paul Todd


The Top Ten

Staying Inside the Lines by Donell Trostrud

Staying Inside the Lines by Donell Trostrud was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 14 votes.

  • foggy morning  by Luca Renoldi
  • Nature's Green Grasp by PolarityPhoto
  • Wild Wild West by Varinia   - Globalphotos
  • Ash's Star by Stephanie Rachel Seely
  • Voyeur by Mary Ann Reilly
  • Standing out from the crowd by Andreas Koepke
  • Reach Her With Your Heart by Scott Ruhs
  • Sunglasses by CarolM
  • Magic Light by Nuno Pires

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