The Power Of Square

A tribute to the square format in Photography, Drawing and Painting

Recent Work

  • Today is a cold day by Bluesrose
  • Salt and Pepper by JolanteHesse
  • Winter's Glow by Juli Cady Ryan
  • Blossom 1 by Sally Ford
  • The Smallest Act Of Caring .... by Sharon House
  • The Power Of Love .... by Sharon House
  • Within a vale of secrety by TheBrit
  • Why It's Really Worth It .... by Sharon House
  • Snowlight by Mikell Herrick
  • Do Not Trivialize by Michael May
  • Light And Shadow ~ Part One by artisandelimage
  • 0991 Abstract Thought by chownb

About This Group

A square is a perfectly balanced shape. Each side is equal in length. Using the square format encourages the eye to move around the frame in a circle. This is different to the rectangular frame, where the eye is encouraged to move from side to side (in the landscape format) or up and down (in the portrait format). There are many factors that influence the way the eye moves around a photo, including the use of line, texture, color, selective focus and negative space. But the shape of the frame is a major factor.

The most important thing is to have fun with the process. Enjoy the challenge of getting to grips with the square format and its implications for composition. You’ll create some beautiful images and the lessons you learn about composition along the way will help you create better images in the future.

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