Severe Weather

No sunny days in this group! Weather must be severe not just raining or windy.

  • Piercing CG Strike! by Jeremy  Jones
  • Multiple Strike off Trigg Baach by jordancantelo
  • The Angry Sky by Jill Fisher
  • Lightning from Mt Ainslie, Canberra by Troy Barrett
  • Electric Rainbow by JoeDavisPhoto
  • The Power Grid by Terrell Bird
  • Untitled by Terrell Bird
  • Double CG Delight! by SeanCH
  • Lightning Show by Michael  Keene
  • Lightning over Toodyay by jordancantelo
  • A Little Close For Comfort!! by barnsis
  • Country Road-Nebraska by Tim Wright
  • Twisted by Tim Wright
  • Dirty Pink #9 - NSW by CasPhotography
  • Summer Fury by Matt Duncan
  • Downtown Lockport Frozen Nearly Solid by MarjorieB
  • frost by Jason Kaiser
  • C R A C K ! ! ! by Jason Kaiser