Severe Weather

No sunny days in this group! Weather must be severe not just raining or windy.

Recent Work

  • Storm Chasing in Kansas by CaptiveMotion
  • Seastorm I by Sandro Rossi Imagery
  • Waiting for the thunder  by Terrell Bird
  • On the job by Clive
  • Fingers, Mount Fraser by Hicksy
  • Storm © by Dawn Becker
  • Dark lone tree by outbacksnaps
  • The Wave by mikebov
  • Skies are falling - Murrumbateman, NSW.  by Troy Barrett
  • Cronulla Lightning Bolt by David Haworth
  • February deluge by MarianBendeth
  • Horse Feeding in Winter by lincolngraham

About This Group

We want your extreme weather photos here, no sunny days or nice pretty rainbows. Weather MUST be severe eg: flooding or the aftermath of the flooding, severe storms with lightening, snowstorm, hurricane winds, tornados, nasty storms brewing; that sort of thing. Show us your images of mother nature at her worst!

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