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say hello and tell us a bit about yourself

Jo O'Brien Jo O'Brien 4615 posts

Welcome to the group! Say hello and tell us a bit about yourself as an artist and as a business… and anything else you might want to add. I’ll go first to break the ice.

My name is Jo and when I have time (something that happens less and less nowadays) I take photos. But more often I help other photographers organise shoots, prepare for exhibitions and drag my dress ups around the place. I used to work for art galleries as a salesperson and would visit people’s houses to help them decorate (i.e sell them a big bunch of art).

I don’t consider myself a professional photographer, and for me, selling images is just icing on the cake… but I like icing! Hopefully I’ll have a few bits and pieces to add to discussion in this group.

Now your turn. Tell us about you :)

Andrew Mather Andrew Mather 12 posts

Hi My name is Andrew and my main focus (…ha ha photography joke :-) ) is sports photography. Specifically surf lifesaving and associated sports. I also shoot my kids’ soccer and AFL football matches, but I won’t be posting those pictures up here. I have set up this site, because I occasionally get asked on the beach if I have a site where people can buy photos.

From a personal point of view, I do like landscape photography and have posted a few examples up here, but I don’t know if any are really good enough to be saleable.

If I can earn a few dollars through Redbubble to offset the money i have invested in gear, I will be very happy. If I can actually earn enough to make it a self-funding hobby..or even close…, I will be ecstatic !

Anita Inverarity Anita Inverarity 4172 posts

Hi All

I’m Anita- I’ve been exhibiting my art for over 20 years locally, nothing big time- Cafe’s, Group Exhibitions etc and also do commissions on occassion.
Its never been my main proffession- I’m the Business Manager of a Childcare Company, but art has always been my first passion and hobby, which has grown into a little side business. On occassion it can sometimes cover my material costs, but I’m a bit of a frame obsessive and tend to stock up on those when ever I get the chance, so all my profits go back into stock.
I’ve learnt quite a bit since joining RB about marketing and promoting, and its definately spurred me on to create more. I would have never dreamed I’d be selling my work online a few years ago.
LIke every artist, I would love to give up my day job ofcourse. Its nice to dream :))))

linsads linsads 713 posts

Hi my name is Lindsay and i am more of an artists than a photographer thats if there is a distinction, i studied art at university and have had quite a few exhibitions in and around the west country (UK) I took up photography to learn how to take good images of my art work and got hooked so i am now an artist and photographer, although i don’t profess to be brilliant at either. I love to learn as much as i can and RB is a great place for information, inspiration and help, i have only sold a small amount here on RB but that is only as Jo says’ icing on the cake ’ and every little helps and enourages me.
the day to day comments and if lucky features are things i look forward to and seeing everyones work is so inspiring it gets me fired up and working again. So thanks RB and all you great people who keep the creative side of life ticking over and over. :o))

lightsmith lightsmith 428 posts

Greetings and Salutations. Within the confines of a limitless universe, there is little one can really say which is truly original. May experts in the field (originology) argue that all invention is actually re-invention and that the theory of re-invention is actually just a re-hash of the re-hash theory. Of course, no-one actually believes that and thus they all, myself included, attempt the creation of new ideas (newisms) or at the least if not the most, the creation of new forms or representations of ideas which, although they might be old or pre-existant, can with the application of wonderous new technologies appear new in themselves. Alas, though, new technologies are in essence still just pre-emergent old technologies with combinations of older interactions. This fundamental rule of creationism, that nothing new IS and that all that IS is actually just OLD but presented in a manner, form or variety which seems new due to our reluctance or inability to recognise it as such. This post is, for all it’s uniqueness, a case in point, for despite the re-use of lots of words, commas, spaces and lots of letters from the alphabet, not one single piece of its content is actually new, except perhaps for it’s ultimate message, which is, of course, ‘Hello’. Which, by the way, is hardly a new message anyway. QED.

robotrobotROBOT robotrobotROBOT 28 posts

A marvellous thing.

I was at work once.

That is not the “thing”. Although it could possibly described as a novelty by certain people. The “thing” will follow shortly after some background information.

I was working in a warehouse. A warehouse is a big building with stuff in it. This particular big building with stuff in it had four floors. The floors were basically chipboard and racking type affairs that looked sturdy enough as long as you didn’t actually look at them. The fact that there were four floors is largely irrelevant as this story takes place on floor three and subsequently floor two. Unless of course floor four is where they kept the Amazing Incident Generator. I do not believe this to be the case.

Anyway, I left my little trolley on floor two because sometimes it’s easier than waiting for the lift and I walked up to do a quick job (not jobby) on floor three. On the way back I dropped a pound coin. Said pound coin rolled away from me with alarming alacrity. However, due to it’s apparently straight and true course I didn’t feel the need to give chase. A better plan thought I would be to just collect the coin after catching up with it in a natural and dignified manner. Of course God, physics, and shoddy workmanship intervened at this point and the coin veered sharply to the right and promptly disappeared through a gap in the floor.

“Oh *&%$£~@!” Said I. “That’s my pound gone then”.

I returned to my trolley a broken man. I continued my soul destroying, mind numbing drudge of a job for a few more minutes until something in my trolley caught my eye.

My pound coin!

It had unbelievably rolled about thirty feet and managed to drop through a gap in the floor directly above my trolley.


Oh, Hello.

linsads linsads 713 posts

blimey!!! what a story!! luck is with you my friend, lets hope it rubs off on some of us eh!! then pounds might come rolling in our direction too. lol :o)))

Anthony  Popalo Anthony Popalo 9 posts

Wait, what? Oh, hello.

Rosie Rowe Rosie Rowe 9 posts

Hello, Hai-hai! Greetings from the UK…

I’m an altered and mixed media artist, quirky, off-the-wall and mostly outside the box. I exhibit locally because they like “quirky, unique and handmade in Cornwall”!! I get published most months in a craft stamping magazine, but I want to sell, sell, sell… So, I’m here, absorbing advice and tips, hoping that greeting cards will change my life, now that they’re affordable, even for me!

Can you tell I don’t do this for a living? I’m my husband’s carer and training to be an Adult Education Tutor. How cool is that?!

Pleased to ‘meet’ you all! ’o)

david hatton david hatton 358 posts

Hi I am David a selftaught painter dedicatd to oils on canvas in abstract.
I try to put my heart and soul into my brushes and hope the outcome is a pleasing one to myself and the viewer(or eventual buyer).
AsI am not a man of many words, I would like my art to speak for me,with the hope that you will understand the message they give out.
I do not know what art is
I just try to make it
Regards to all david

linsads linsads 713 posts

Hi ya both so glad to meet such talented artist -- heres to creation xx

oddoutlet oddoutlet 527 posts

H – Hi my name is Oddoutlet- odd for short cos that’s what I am and that’s the way I see the world!
E – that’s me Elly, my real name! E also stands for Enjoy cos I enjoy photography very muchly, perhaps a tad bit obsessed but you have to have something to be obsessed about to fill in those dull moments where you probably would be staring at a wall and twiddling your thumb right?
L – Look at my work! Look- no pressure, only if you want to
L – Lovely weather we’re having lately isn’t it!
O – O I love RB it’s such a fun and inspiring place to hang and check out peoples work, gain new ideas and play games and lotsa good times!

Or G’day : )
Anyways nice to meet you all!

Nic Squirrell Nic Squirrell 36 posts


Hoping that joining this group will help me make my first million – or at least enough to keep the cats well fed.

linsads linsads 713 posts

sure to squirrell …………….. those cats will be getting fat very soon lol :o))

blueskydesigns blueskydesigns 3 posts

I thought id share the Round the world “Hello” song!

Hola, hola, (OH-lah) says hello in Spanish
Hejsan, hejsan, (HEY-sun) that’s the word in Swedish
Jambo, jambo, (JAHM-boh) says it in Swahili
’Round and ’round the world we go with ways to say hello

Bonjour, bonjour, (bohn-zhoor) says hello in French
Privet, privet, (preev-YET) that’s the word in Russian
Ni hao, ni hao, (nee how) says it in Chinese
’Round and ’round the world we go with ways to say hello

There are oh, so, many friendly ways
Every language has a word or phrase

Shalom, shalom, (sha-lome) says hello in Hebrew
Salaam, salaam in (sah-lahm) Arabic and Persian
Annyong , annyong, (ahn-yohng) says it in Korean
’Round and ’round the world we go with ways to say hello

Konnichiwa, konnichiwa, (Ko-nee-chee-wa) says hello in Japanese
Sawubona, sawubona, (saw-oo-BOH-nah) that’s the word in Zulu
Prijatno, prijatno, (pree-yat-no) says it in Macedonian
’Round and ’round the world we go with ways to say hello

There are oh, so, many friendly ways
Every language has a word or phrase

Namaste, namaste, (nah-MUS-stay) says hello in Hindi
Dzien dobry, dzien dobry, (JEEN-do-bri) that’s the word in Polish
Aloha, aloha, says it in Hawaiian
’Round and ’round the world we go with ways to say hello

So a G’day from me! ;)

thepatriot01082 thepatriot01082 1 post

` Hi all!
I am a graphite artist specializing in portraits and I am looking forward to learning as much as possible about selling my work and getting it out there as well as other venues to use my art,tshirts,posters etc,and so on.Currently working on sports posters as well as the literary greats series.The more we share info and work together the power of the group becomes evident,much like a brainstorming group or mastermind group.Many minds are better than one!

linsads linsads 713 posts

great to meet you both :o))

Yvonne Lautenschlaeger aka medea Yvonne Lautens... 41 posts

Ahoy from Hamburg, Germany!

A few weeks ago I wrote the following lines, which describe me quite well:

I was trained to be a thinker
but deep down always wanted to be a toucher
spacing the world with my hands and senses
my heart finally touches life.

I am happy to learn about selling, promoting …

Have a nice Now,

clancy214 clancy214 364 posts

Hello everyone,

As an ex-sales rep, I really was interesting in joining when I saw this. I’ve set up Art Shows (locally) and worked in theatre and music…

Would love to help out and be of any assistance.


starikarp starikarp 142 posts


I am so far from computer world but I am an Unix user and it is my hobby. The same is with photography: hobby and I like taken pictures. I have Nikon D50 and Nikon D300s which I use more and more but my old D50 is active still :).
That is all :).


Bumchkin Bumchkin 7 posts


I have always had an edge for photography and arts. My camera accompanies me almost everywhere i go. Love clicking pictures of any and every possible thing that attracts me. I love playing around with perspectives and colors. While my photography and art may be vibrant yet simple, i always like adding some depth to my pictures which gives it the edge.
Love what i do and never is there a day when i am tired of it.
Really appreciate the work being done in this group. I’d be more than happy to contribute in every way possible.


Lisa Howarth Lisa Howarth 5 posts

Hey everyone, so I’m pretty new to this, but I’ve always loved taking photos. I’ve just recently treated myself to a DSLR cam.. and am still figuring it out (but having lots of fun doing so!). I love shooting sunsets when the perfect one arises (or goes down so to speak) and I especially love photographing people, faces/hands/the body. I’m still working on my shots at the moment and photoshop skills, but when I get some great shots I’d really like to try make a few pennies off them. Thing is I don’t understand how it works on here. If I decide that I want to sell a photo, is it as simple as checking the box and redbubble sorts the rest? If anyone could provide me with some info on this I’d be really grateful!

mobii mobii 84 posts


I have been involved with online marketing in one form or another, for a few years now. At first, making t-shirt designs was just a fun hobby, but now that I have seen a few people making a reasonable monthly income from it, it’s become something more. I believe the key to sales is a good marketing plan. Something simple that you can do over and over again. The problem is that everyone seems to have a different idea on just what that plan should be. In an effort to clarify the illusive plan, I joined a marketing group called “Marketing Mavens” last year. I have learned a lot in a very short time, and have made some great friends. I think that would be my first advice to someone that is starting out. Find a group that has the same focus as you do, and join them. You can learn quicker by watching others, and working together you can get much more done than by going through the long stumbling process of learning the ins and outs of IM by yourself.

Kathie Nichols Kathie Nichols 3754 posts

Hi, I’m Kathie. I joined RB when it was 6 months old. Its been a huge learning curve for me what with all these computer thingys to learn about and navigation on the site especially when working from an old ancient laptop. lol! I work in a day job (Sales Assistant for new high-rise apartments on the Gold Coast) and paint and photograph when I have some spare time. I seem to see things in an abstract way which developed slowly over the last couple of years. I started a couple of groups here because there weren’t any groups that my photos would fit into too. lol! So my passions are really all about Macro, Abstract and Textures found in the most unlikely places. I think its really cool when I find an abstract landscape in the textures of tree bark or in the many wonderful varieties of rocks here on the Gold Coast in Australia. I then discovered that there were also some really cool art to be found in grungy old bins, gutters and old rusted metal cars thereby finding a need for the second group. I sell my photos on a few stocksites and prints and cards here from Red Bubble. Its been great exposure here where buyers have found me to purchase images for various interior art designs printed on glass! How cool is that? The Forums here are awesome and I have learned so much from all my new friends. I think the most important thing is to enjoy what you do, dream a little (or a lot) and never let go of that no matter what! :)

painsugar painsugar 7 posts

Hi, I’m DD. just been 5 days joined RB.
I love drawing and designing. I like skulls and dark art/images.
my english is bad and iam not sorry for that lol since english is not my primary language. sometime I like use animal language haha
if you want to make contact with me just massage me or email me. sometime make friend trough this machine is more interesting..

more respect!

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