Self Taught Photographers

For people who have no education in photography, and have learned everything on their own, including the software they use to edit, treat, and process their photos.

Recent Work

  • Tower Bridge by John Velocci
  • Bitter by linaji
  • The Cliffs at Fall Creek Falls by LarryB007
  • Sheep portrait by Dominika Aniola
  • Granada Sunset by TonyCrehan
  • The Secret Garden by Noble Upchurch
  • *Crater Lake, Tower Hill, Kirkstall, Vic. by EdsMum
  • Karrimurra - Florence Falls - Northern Territory - Australia by TonyCrehan
  • Kwinana Hibbertia by kalaryder
  • Rhodanthe spicata by kalaryder
  • Baby Blue.... by Tracie Louise
  • Hakea lissocarpha - Honey bush -  2  by kalaryder

About This Group

This group is designed specifically for those who have had no workshops, vocational training, or education in the field of photography. We want to focus on the talent and brilliance of you who are so passionate and creative about your art, you taught yourself all you know.

I run my groups a little differently. I choose to feature those who put a lot of time/effort into their work & into their groups as well as featuring those who do not contribute as much. I don’t feature as often as other groups but when I do I make it more than worth your while. The amount of positive feedback I get is heart warming & it’s my pleasure to put big smiles on so many faces. Those who wish to argue with me & how I run my group please feel free to leave the group


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Membership of the group is by invite only.