Self as Other 2/24

Group Rules:

All submissions require the word “SELF” — “self portrait” or “sp” in Description and/or Tags.

Host approval/moderation before being entered into the Group! Images posted to this group must contain a figure that is based on the artist’s self. Images that do not meet this criterion will not be accepted. IF it is not obvious & easy to determine this “SP” requirement, I do not have the time to determine, and will reject for repeat offenders.

People who repeatedly spam the group or continually submit non-self-relevant images will be removed from the group!

A limit of 2 Submissions per 24 hours per Member will be monitored, to help prevent “flooding” the Group There is no limit to number of overall submissions, Just 2 per day.

Sorry, we are no longer accepting T-Shirts, Writing or Journals. Art work/images and photographs (inc. photo-manips) only.

*NSFW work is acceptable. Nudity must have NSFW (Not Safe For Work) filter on it.