Selective Colour

Does what it says on the tin - photographs in black & white with selective colouring

Recent Work

  • Big Bird by Denise Abé
  • Orange Mirrors by JGetsinger
  • Surfer from Above by JGetsinger
  • Bangkok Airport by Tim Topping
  • Walk This Way. by LMHaselden
  • Tiny Dancer by Chloe Price
  • Sing a Rainbow by Greta  McLaughlin
  • Headed Out for a Run by Emilie Trammell
  • Turning Into Autumn by Denise Abé
  • The Carrousel  by Marcia Rubin
  • Sept. 11 - Flight 93 Memorial by Marcia Rubin
  • Sequana | Beverley Canal by Sarah Couzens

About This Group

Here the rules are simple – selective colouring is ONLY allowed. All images must be in black and white with selective colouring.

From the group you can expect monthly challenges, regular featuring of artists, regular featuring of your work and the chance to exhibit your work in a selective group.

July ’10 Group Avitar: The Red Bike by David Barker

June ’10 Group Avitar: Dance by Mieke Boynton

May ’10 Group Avitar: My Pink Boots by Kimba Vetten

April ’10 Group Avitar: Cooties by Erika Snell

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