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Features! Feb. 2

Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1815 posts

Hope you’ll all enjoy our featured artwork for the week here at Sci Fi!

We THOUGHT, at the time this was posted, that the Sci Fi Group would be engaging hyperdrive to leave the galaxy… but happily, news of our departure was a little premature. Amanda is no longer hosting, but we have a new member on the bridge… hope you’ll welcome nimbusnought to the Sci Fi crew!

NEW features coming soon! And we’ll resume our Feature Presentations, such as this one — as soon as I can get my good computer up and running! Just moved, not long ago — working with a little notebook and can barely see the screen. Seems it’s “always something,” but we’ll soldier on! lol


Lady Fett. by SixPixeldesign

lost to time and change by shadowlea

Galu by blacknight

THE TENTH DOCTOR by jillohjill

City Limits by Dreamscenery

TERRA FUTURA 2 by Stefan Boettcher

Pon Farr Is Coming by starkat

Cyberman by Carol and Mike Werner

Future City by SpinningAngel

The Beautiful Beyond by Alexander Butler

stephen and the dalek by Loui Jover

Life in Space by Yvonne Less


yvil1 yvil1 414 posts

Its really sad but I understand. After so many changes here on RB… it was just a matter of time. I had the feeling for a long time that the community spirit on RB is gone and I think it will never be the same when RB is doing its own thing. Thank you Nadya for ALL your hard work! You are a great host! :) … and THANK YOU for the last feature!!

Angela Harburn Angela Harburn 59 posts

Thanks so much – not just for the feature, but for all your work as host and your support and friendship – it has, and does mean a great deal. The writing was on the wall, so many changes, which we all took on board and tried to work with – but in the end there was the straw that broke the camels’ back. I too have made plans to move on – I really hope that we will all find a place to be together as a community of fellow artists again one day! It’s been great – I have made so many friends here – I will bubblemail you all when I land on my new planet, somewhere in another universe amongst the stars which light the internet world. Take care out there x

Peter Krause Peter Krause 1070 posts

Sad news. I agree with what Yvonne and SpinningAngel have said. All the very best.

blacknight blacknight 281 posts

bah! so sad to see good groups and people leave. Apparently RB has no clue that if the good artists and caring people leave that all that will be left are bad artists and uncaring people. Try to sell that. Limited market I think. Rats!

shadowlea shadowlea 1373 posts

thank you Nadya, I feel sad that you have decided to close this fantastic group, there are some great talent contributing here, and I am sure this group will sorely be missed……..

Congratulations everyone on your outstanding work….and honoured to be included, thanks so much for your great support Nadya

Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1815 posts

Thanks for responding, everyone! I REALLY appreciate your comments and support. It makes me really sad to close the group, it’s always been my fave. We haven’t done this lightly. We will both miss everybody, and your AWESOME sci-fi work, as well! I have 4 other groups, which I’ve been hosting solo for awhile now and I will miss them too — but this one, most of all. I hope Angela is right and we all land together elsewhere on the internet! Although frankly, it’s hard to imagine that anything, anywhere, will be as fantastic as the Bubble USED to be. I guess we can hope! Wish they’d never changed things here, but wishing doesn’t make it so. Someone said, in another thread, “What a sad place this has become.” And I agree. They voyage was great while it lasted, though! Will miss you all ~ ~ and to all the very best, wherever you may land.

kostolany244 kostolany244 658 posts

It’s sad to see so many great groups close down.
I’m a host myself and I’m not very happy that they stopped the group vouchers. I hope they won’t regret it. :(

amandamakepeace amandamakepeace 31 posts

Great farewell features, Nadya!!

RedBubble has changed so much since it’s beginnings. I’ve seen other sites do this same thing, catering to a specific look and style. It’s a shame because diversity is what makes life so interesting and art too.

Ann Morgan Ann Morgan 281 posts

I hear you loud and clear. I left my thoughts and feelings in a comment box on Friends of Redbubble forum about the end of vouchers. They really don’t deserve all the swell artists who have been so patiently displaying their work here. And I think and kind of hope they will regret it.

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