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Features! ~ (Also, Special Bonus) April 9

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First up ~ The Weekly Dozen!

Mission for the Week: viewing all or any one of these should transport you to another time and place (The Universe of Classic Sci Fi), at 10x light velocity! These fantastic works define the term ~ and “make us want to read the book!” Or see the series… either way! Awesome art by all!! Comments are invited here but we hope you’ll convey your congrats to our individual artists, too.

We have another Special Bonus at the end (Shirts of the Week!) so be sure to check them out as well. And don’t miss our new $20 voucher challenge, Tribute Humor (Funny Fan Art) ~ open for entries now!


Visitors by Yvonne Less

The Thing in the Passageway by Matt Bissett-Johnson

Future Cop by libertyphotos

Remorphir by retepk

Baby Sitting Tuna by GolemAura

POLICE GIRL by helljester

Reflections of Night – Metropolis Moon by AlienVisitor

Migration by Adrian Kent

AUTOMATED HEALTH CARE one size fits all ! by razar1

Damsel in Distress by kprojekt

View from Estorian Plaza Hotel, Ganymede by SpinningAngel

Alien Landscape by Carol & Mike Werner



A bonus feature…. sometimes we feel like our shirt-designs don’t get the audience they really should so now and then we bring a few into the limelight ~ so Enjoy! (And maybe even buy a few! You can reach the individual artists with the links to leave your comments and congrats). We did not include “The Funniest” this week because our current $20 voucher challenge is for Tribute Humor ~ Funny Fan Art and why stack the deck? We’re sure to see a lot of funny fan art there. Don’t miss out!!)

If your design isn’t featured here, don’t worry – give it time! We have a LOT of awesome shirts in the group ~ same with artwork (images) ~ can’t get ’em all at once!


Fan Art of the Week

BAZINGA! TREK by ideedido

To boldly go where no nerd has gone before….

Oh My God! They Killed Adric! by Brian Edwards

The first of the Doctor’s companions to perish, mashed up in South Park style

It’s only illogical if you think it is… by scribblechap

If Spock can do it, then so can I!

CYBERWATCHMEN by shaydeychic

A merging of the two series

DisneyLando by KaiShi

DisneyLando Cloud City. Best resort in Bespin ~ Calrissian Ltd.

Retro Bender Shirt by adamxgrey

Torchwood – Ianto’s coffee by starkat

I’m now totally in love with Ianto. (*Yeah, and in OUR universe, he’s still alive, so are the rest of the team and they’re still hunting aliens! You should have learned from Blake’s 7, Mr. Daviess! )

Darth Ood by Simon Mason


Slogans for the Week (text)

George Lucas, STOP IT! by Simon Mason

(Houston, ROGER THAT!)

The question isn’t where, but when ! by weRsNs

The Answer To Life by Andy Mackay

Something for Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy fans

Worst Ending by OcirusDesign

(This design refers to “the horribly written and obviously rushed ending of Mass Effect 3” but we at Sci Fi think it should also come with custom options such as Worst Ending EVER! – Torchwood…. Worst Ending EVER! ~ Odyssey 5… Worst Ending EVER! – Primeval just before they tried to make repairs ~ ~ Worst Ending EVER! ~ Blake’s 7 (hey, remember that) and so many, many more! Are you listening, writers and producers? Probably not… )


Weekly Obscurity Awards (Shirts most likely to inspire Those Outside the Box to say, “WTF is THAT supposed to mean?”)

MST3K: The many names of David Ryder by Technohippy

From my favourite episode of mystery science theatre 3000: space mutiny. One of these days I’ll get around to doing a “Manos, the hands of fate” tee (Torgo, Make it So!)

Mantis – From Over There by Namueh

(“Yeah, well in YOUR universe, you have a flying rodent for a super-hero!” Fringe)


Great Stuff, everyone! And again, don’t miss our newest $20 voucher challenge, Tribute Humor (Funny Fan Art) ~ open for entries now! We invite both Images and shirt-designs, and we know we’re gonna see a lot of truly funny sci-fi art!

Til Next Week – - Starfleet, Out

GolemAura GolemAura 95 posts

thanks for making me a part of the group, MUCH APPRECIATED and great job everyone

Technohippy Technohippy 6 posts

thanks for featuring me under the weekly obscurity awards! one happy geek right here!

some great work here well done guys!

libertyphotos libertyphotos 93 posts

Congrats and cool work, all! Thanks for the feature :)

Andy Mackay Andy Mackay 1 post

Happy Geek here as well!

Some sort of Anti Torchwood T Shirt does sound like a plan, but like the last TV show, I’m sure it would just be disappointing….

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/ \ ˚. ★ ˛ ˚♥ ✰。˚ ˚ღ。* ˛˚ ♥ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღCongratulations to all wonderful Tees

mYmEMine mYmEMine 191 posts

Congrats everyone! Great work!

helljester helljester 4 posts

Thank you ever so much for featuring my t-shirt design!!! Congrats to everyone!!!

Gal Lo Leggio Gal Lo Leggio 191 posts

grats all fab images as always Nadya =D

starkat starkat 4 posts

Thanks for featuring my t-shirt!
Of course the good old Ianto is still alive! ;)

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