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Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1934 posts

The Science Fiction Showcase celebrates the Best of the Best, bringing our most Stellar works of artwork to the limelight!
CATEGORY: *Robots! Cyborgs! Mechanoids! Machines!

For those of you not familiar with this series, the Showcase is our platform for sharing (and showing off) the best Classic Science Fiction artwork/illustration in the Group. There are four basic categories and the focus is on illustrative work. More are always coming! Work is added to the galleries with new additions at the top until the pages are ridiculously long ~ then they go into the Archives too and new appear. Be sure to scroll down and see them all ~ otherwise you’ll miss the show!

(This by no means represents all our Awesome robot/cyborg art in Sci Fi! See the Archives for more, and check the other categories in the Forum, too).

PLEASE SHOW THE CREW SOME LOVE! Leave your comments and congrats! You know you’ll appreciate it, when the featured work is yours! :-) Don’t miss ANY of the show! All images are clickable, so you can leave your comments here or reach the artists individually.

Congratulations featured artists, on your FANTASTIC work!

Some RECOMMENDED VIEWING MUSIC in my comment at the end! :-)))

Retro Robot Painting 003 by Ian Sokoliwski

Mr MechSpeed by Tom Godfrey

Robots on Water World by LoneAngel

Droid Kiss – Binary Love by MacacoMalandro

The War of the Worlds by Iain Maynard


Black Knight by Andrew Lim

Robot Angel Painting 013 by Ian Sokoliwski

Robot Brains by Ali Lavoie

Mechanical Mayhem by wonder-webb

Cyberpunk Painting 055 by Ian Sokoliwski

Machine Man by Matt Bissett Johnson

Samus vs Ridley by Hybridmink

by frogafro

Warbot by Tom Godfrey

The Martians Take Parliament y bandstander

Cyberpunk Painting 053 by Ian Sokoliwski

The Desert Runners by Mark A. Garlick

Venus BlueGenes by kerchow

2525 in the year by shadowlea

Connected by Karl Eschenbach

Toasting with Brewskies and Shots by GolemAura

Star Trek: cmd.Data by spiritius

Cyberpunk Painting 049 by Ian Sokoliwski

Drone swarm over the Docklands! by Tim Constable

A.I. by Tom Godfrey

Gaz Or Elecxtrx by Syd Baker

Supersonic Runners by Andrew Lim

Rusty Robby by Yanni

Samus by hybridmink

Robotic City by MBJonly

Earth Defense Corps Giant Mech Hangar by Andrew Lim

Futurewar by blacknight

Exploring The Caves Of Mars by James Brotherton

Nova Terra by DendaReloaded

Isaac Asimov | I Robot | The Laws of Robotics by pithypenny

Mech Hangar by Andrew Lim

Steampunk Painting 006 by Ian Sokoliwski

Forest Ride by Andrew Lim

Aztec Mech by Tom Godfrey

Steampunk Painting 007 by Ian Sokoliwski

CyberPink by kayve

Steampunk Painting 005 by Ian Sokoliwski

Populate by designertrow

Electriarch 2.0 by Austen Mengler

Cyberpunk Painting 041 by Ian Sokoliwski

The Day the Earth Stood Still by Marina Coffey


Ex – Terminate by Yanni

Desert Scout Mech by Andrew Lim

Steampunk Painting 003 by Ian Sokoliwski

Vintage robots for sale by tupa


Ruins by blacknight

Blind Spots by pearlphoenix

Arc Flash by Jose Ochoa

Desert Mech by Andrew Lim

Droid by Rob Emery

Steampunk Painting 002 by Ian Sokoliwski

Robots – queen size duvet cover design by Dennis Melling

Red Scout by Andrew Lim

Cyborg Cell Perfect Form by Dadang Lugu Mara Perdana

Zesty, Crumbly, Yet Piquant by Syd Baker

The Timey Wimey Machine by girardin27

Robot Talk by jarhumor

Rockem Sockem WhoBots by lordmylar

Old Time Robot Baseball by Chris Singley

Cyberpunk Painting 037 by Ian Sokoliwski

Spaceship L-5 by Paolo Uberti

CYBERMAN by FieryFinn77

Angry Robot by Malcolm Kirk

Mr Borg I Presume by Randy Turnbow
Peter Ferdinando miniature by wu-wei

Elite Stormtrooper by Andrew Lim

BIG BOBA 6 by Fernando Sala

Daria Cyborg Queen by xzendor7

Gate-Keeper of the Mechanids [Digital Fantasy Figure Illustration] by Grant Wilson

The Bridge by Tom Godfrey

The Best Robot in the Universe by Arief Rahman Hakeem

Ever get the feeling of being followed? by Tim Constable

Robot Uprising – Poster by artfulscientist

Wall-E ARE GROOT by PaulMonj

Centurians by David Atkinson

Welcome to London by PaulMonj

Retro Robot Painting 002 by Ian Sokoliwski

Silver Steel Skull Army painting by Latifa Salma lufa Poerawidjaja

Jungle Lobster by Andrew Lim

Giant Robot Phone Box with The Doctor by Arief Rahman Hakeem

Cyberpunk Painting 036 by Ian Sokoliwski

War Tech Mech by Andrew Lim

Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1934 posts

Best view with soundtrack! lol ~ enjoy! ~

Dennis Melling Dennis Melling 871 posts

Great show – thank you for including mine :)
Congratulations everyone.


Absolutely mind blowing to see such works,congratulations to all , you make the group what it is… Thanks Nadya for showing my work , such an awesome host,!!


Absolutely mind blowing to see such works,congratulations to all , you make the group what it is… Thanks Nadya for showing my work , such an awesome host,!!

Arief Rahman Hakeem Arief Rahman H... 5 posts

Thank you Nadya :)

Grant Wilson Grant Wilson 45 posts

Thank You very much for including My “Gatekeeper of the Mechanids..” work, it is great to be included amongst such imaginative Artwork!
Congratulations to all other featured Artists…! :)

artfulscientist artfulscientist 1 post

Neat! This is a great showcase, I’m happy to be a part of it. :)

xzendor7 xzendor7 117 posts

Thanks For The Showcase Nadya – And Congrats To All The Selectees.

Randy Turnbow Randy Turnbow 787 posts

TOTALLY awesome collection! Congrats all!

PaulMonj PaulMonj 7 posts

These are marvelous works in the showcase! I am honored to be included!

GolemAura GolemAura 91 posts

WOO HOO, very honored to be part of such a cool group of peeps. Congrats EVERYBODY.

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