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Once Upon a Time In Another Universe

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The Challenge

~ FINAL $20 voucher challenge ~

The Multiverse is a theory in which our universe is not the only one, but states that many universes exist parallel to each other. These distinct universes within the Multiverse are called alternate (or parallel) universes.

But if you’re a science fiction fan, of course you know all that!

Not all physicists believe they actually exist, but others say they “must.” The question here is, “What might it be like if we could cross from our universe, into one of those?”

Give us your ideas!

Artwork only, please! No shirt designs or cases. All media accepted (paintings, drawings, Bryce, Photoshop, etc.) You may refer to established sci-fi if you like, but your work must be original! No photographs or clips from copyrighted sources!

For those of you who like to base your work on science, current theories hold that there are 4 different types:

Level 1: If you go far enough, you’ll get back home.

The idea of Level 1 parallel universes basically says that space is so big that the rules of probability imply that somewhere out there, are other planets exactly like Earth. In fact, an infinite universe would have infinitely many planets, and on some of them, the events that play out would be virtually identical to those on our own Earth, here at home. This idea was explored in a Classic Star Trek episode “The Omega Glory” where among other things, the natives knew the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

Level 2: If you go far enough, you’ll fall into wonderland.

This theory says that quantum fluctuations in the early universe’s vacuum energy caused bubble universes to be created all over the place. Or simply, put that our universe is floating rather like a bubble in a sea of other bubbles stretching to Infinity. It’s thought that no two would be alike… but then, who knows?

Level 3: If you stay where you are, you’ll run into yourself!

A Level 3 parallel universe is a consequence of the many worlds interpretation from quantum physics in which every single possibility becomes a real possibility – in some alternate dimension. These are different from the others posed because they take place in the same space and time as our own universe. This is the most common type we see in science fiction, from the “Mirror Universe” in Star Trek to the “Other Side” in Fringe to “Pete’s World” in Dr. Who.

Level 4: Somewhere over the rainbow, there’s a magic land.

A Level 4 parallel universe is the strangest place (and most controversial prediction) of all, because it would follow fundamentally different mathematical laws of nature than our universe. In short, any universe that physicists can get to work out on paper would exist, based on the mathematical democracy principle. It means any universe that is mathematically possible has an equal possibility of actually existing. These universes would be SO different from our own, that we could probably not exist there as the physics would be different.

With all that to choose from, you can take your pick! So put on your thinking caps and show us just how Strange it is, out there. (Strange is good; if it looks too much like home, we won’t know it’s an alternate reality)!

Please be sure your entry’s in the group by voting time, and complies with the group requirements.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Pick your favorites! You may vote for more than one. Select your choices based on artistic excellence, creativity, and how well they illustrate the challenge theme.

As always, No Soliciting of Votes. Any member caught padding the ballot box either via Bubblemail, Facebook, or any other venue will have their work removed and also be deleted from the group. It may sound harsh but soliciting for votes is FRAUD, especially when monetary prizes are involved. So play fair! Let the artwork win on merit, not on popularity.

VOTES are IMPORTANT! We have not received a lot of votes in recent challenges. Reminders will be sent if possible, but if you enter PLEASE PARTICIPATE!

Rewards & Prizes

If we have at least 20 entries, and the winning image gets at least 5 votes, winner will receive a $20 voucher from the Bubble! Winning entry will be Featured on our Group Home Page and the winner will receive a banner (complete with all due Bragging Rights).

Ties WILL be recognized. It’s Bubble policy.

Top 10’s will receive a banner too, if we have 20 images or more. Otherwise, we will award the Top 5. (Individual images must have at least 3 votes)

Additional Information

Please be sure your work is in the group before the voting starts!

Submissions not in compliance with the rules of the challenge, or the guidelines of the group, will be removed. If in doubt about our rules, check our features and our group home page.

Hope you’ll have some fun with this. We’re looking forward to a fascinating tour, so “Make it So!”

Cover Image: Quantum Quandary by Nadya Johnson


The Top Ten

Dawn Execution by billyboy

Dawn Execution by billyboy was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 7 votes.

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  • In The Mist by Igor Zenin
  • The Egyptian Ocean by Richard  Gerhard
  • The traveler series: #6 by Carol and Mike Werner
  • The Lovers 002 by Karl David Hill
  • Mothership by Angela Harburn
  • lotus by shadowlea
  • Dream Of Prickly Wild Fractal Wonderland by Atılım GÜLŞEN
  •     Z-23 and Her TransBall by Ann Morgan

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