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This challenge closed about 6 years ago.

The Challenge

We’ve arrived, but we have no idea where!

Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Universe!

Or as Leonard (Bones) McCoy might have put it, “Where in blazes are we, Jim?”

You know how it can go… one mistake in calibration, one inconvenient ion storm interfering with the readings, one malfunction down in engineering, one computer glitch however slight and off you go careening through the space/time continuum with no GPS! You could end up anywhere. Or any-when! Who’s to say what dimension and/or parallel Universe might draw you in? Quantum strangeness almost guarantees you’re going to land off the mark in some weird and pixilated place not remotely like the world you left, nor the destination you had hoped to reach.

When the wild ride is over, you may even think you’re home! Until you check it out. After all, “normal” in one dimension is insane (nay, impossible) next door!

So pretend you’ve just come out of hyper-drive ~ maybe not where you’d intended, but in some stranger, far-flung quarter of the Cosmos. One look through the view-screen and you KNOW you’re “not in Kansas,” anymore.

The more alien, the more impossible, the more surreal and bizarre, the better!

This is a challenge for art: no i-phone designs, no shirts. If you have a shirt design or i-phone cover you would like to enter, please re-post it as an image; then it will qualify.

Judging / Voting Criteria

PLEASE VOTE IF YOU ENTER! And please vote for more than one. Base your choices on artistic merit, imagination, creativity (the usual stuff) and how well you think the artwork fits the theme.

Rewards & Prizes

Winner will receive a $20 voucher from the Bubble in addition to a winner’s banner (all due bragging right included). Winning entry will be featured on our Group Home Page as well; and if it’s yours, you’ll become a member of our Featured Artists crew. Plus, your entry will become our latest avatar.

If we have more than 20 entries, Top 10’s will also be awarded banners; less than 20, we will recognize the Top 5.

Should there be a tie, fear not. Ties are recognized (it’s RB policy). Joint winners, should we have more than one, will all receive the $20 voucher and as we can have only one avatar at any given time, the first will be up a month ~ the second one, a second month.

Additional Information

As always, please be sure your entry adheres to the focus of the group and that’s it’s been accepted in the group by voting time!

Oh. One more communique from Starfleet:

The recruitment drive is on! Red Alert! WE NEED CO-HOSTS!

Our courageous Captain Virgosun is scheduled to depart for alternate dimensions of her own not too long from now; assistance is needed on the bridge ASAP! If you’re interested in joining up (if you even THINK you may be interested in joining up!), please leave a message on our page or Bubblemail me and let me know! There’s really only one prerequisite: Must Love Sci-Fi! Hey, would you be a member of this group if not?? Just like Capt. Kirk, I don’t like to lose! Especially when it comes to co-hosts! We will all miss Virgo and the ship won’t seem the same without her: but the journey will continue (as long as we can steer this thing with one less member of the crew.) Not so sure how that will go, so think it over ~ spread the word ~ hoping for some positive response!

End transmission and enjoy the challenge! Looking forward to some wild work!

Cover Image: oh oh by Nadya Johnson


The Top Ten

Wrong Place Wrong Time by dazzamataz

Wrong Place Wrong Time by dazzamataz was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 15 votes.

  • Strange Life Readings by Redustheriotact
  • The City by Tom Godfrey
  • SKY DIVING by Malkman
  • Rubix Calisto by Fiery-Fire
  • BERMUDA TRIANGLE  by nonarom
  • Visitors by Carol and Mike Werner
  • Bad Day on Planet Kaeron by John Carpenter
  • Landing Approach to Mako Satellite by Syd Baker
  • Treedancer by hollyspirit

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