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Sci-Fi: THE DARK SIDE, $20 voucher challenge

This challenge closed almost 6 years ago.

The Challenge

We’ve done The Lighter Side of Sci-Fi… now let’s take an expedition through the Dark!

It’s been said there are 3 types of science fiction:

1). "I wish… " (These are story-lines plucked from the Impossible like Dr. Who Time travel… the possibility exists. Traveling in a big blue box ~ ? Totally unlikely, even though we’d like it to be true!).

2). “I hope…” (These are stories which explore our brightest visions for the future and are far more plausible, like Star Trek).

3). “I hope NOT…!”

It’s the 3rd category we’re exploring here: stories which explore our darkest & most terrifying visions of the Universe: hell-worlds, evil aliens, Doomsday Scenarios, bleak futures we don’t really want to see or even contemplate! (Forget the Friendly Cosmos! ET doesn’t ride a bicycle; he, or It, is more like what we saw in Aliens.)

So enter your most frightening, terrifying stuff!

NO TRIBUTE ART, please! This challenge is for Original material ~ stuff made up by You and You Alone.

Remember, the group focuses on Sci-Fi ~ not Horror, not Goth. Blood and Gore may be scary but on its own it doesn’t qualify; nor does classic Fantasy. Entries should be based in science-fiction; ie., if you “must” portray a dragon, bring it from another world or Alternate Reality; leave the unicorns, the swords, the sorcery, the knights and all the damsels in distress to groups that feature Fantasy! (The line may be thin, but Hosts reserve the right to make the judgments here. Someone has to man the bridge…. and we are it!)

Also, Text and titles count! If you’re showing us a scary planet, please don’t call it “My Experiment in Bryce.” Sure, we’re interested in how you did your art; but the prime ingredient in sci-fi is IMAGINATION! Tell us what the planet’s called, tell us what it’s like. You don’t have to tell us the entire story (even though we’d love it if you did!)… but be sure your work at least “suggests” a science fiction setting and/or plot. (If in doubt, ask yourself if your art suggests a sci-fi movie, game or series. Would it work as a cover for a new science fiction book?
Not one that’s Out There now but something original. Again, as much as we love it, tribute art is not eligible in this challenge.)

Does the thought that your vision might be true one day or that it exists at all, scare you half to death?? If yes to the above ~ it’s probably perfect for this challenge!

Judging / Voting Criteria

If you enter, VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

Base your choices on the usual aspects… artistic impact, visual delight, creativity, imagination, how well the entry fits the challenge.

You should choose more than one, not more than 4. The more votes the better and the less chance of ties.

Note: Play Fair!! Soliciting of votes either via Bubblemail or any other means, will NOT be tolerated; anyone caught doing do will be removed from the challenge AND the Sci-Fi Group.

Rewards & Prizes

Winner will receive a $20 voucher from the Bubble, as well as winner’s banner and a Showcase Page. He or she will also be a Featured Artist in the group.

If we have more than 30 entries, those in the Top 10 will also get banners, and a mention on our Group Home Page. If under 30, we will recognize the Top 5.

In the event of a tie for 1st place we will have Dual Winners, in accord with RB policy.

Additional Information

If using stock, please give credit to your sources.

Be sure your entry’s in the group by voting time!! Otherwise it can’t be featured. In fairness to others it will be removed.

Hosts reserve the right to remove any entries which do not conform to group rules or parameters of the challenge; Again, Original work ONLY (no tribute work for this one).

Thanks to Virgosun for our scary cover image, No Way Out. As Hosts, we don’t enter our challenges ~ nor do we influence who wins. It’s all up to you, the members! ~ so this is our way of participating in the fun.

Hope you’ll have some fun with this one ~ give us a glimpse of a Future and/or Universe we HOPE does not exist! We’re looking forward to your scary visions!

Cover Image: No Way Out by virgosun


The Top Ten

Solar Plexus by charmedy

Solar Plexus by charmedy was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 4 votes.

  • This is the End 03 by mdkgraphics
  • Dying Sun by Avantgarda
  • Star Portal .. Into Demon Realm by LoneAngel
  • The Awful Truth Series #6 by gnolan
  • Welcome to Earth by dazzamataz
  • The Grand manipulator by Sander Bos
  • The time for You to Stop by Barbora  Urbankova
  • Specimen 1A by Bart Castle
  • the Beast by Kaleidoking

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