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Does Anybody Know What World This Is?

This challenge closed over 6 years ago.

The Challenge

Morning… (or is it?) You awaken, whether gradually or suddenly… and realize that nothing’s as you thought! As Dorothy said to Toto, “We are not in Kansas, anymore!” You find yourself in strange surroundings; whether you have journeyed to an alternate dimension in your sleep or whether someone (something) beamed you to another quarter of the universe or whether you have slipped into a gap in time – you have no idea! Yet.

Let’s see your other-worldly destination – whatever it is, however you imagine it! This challenge is for far-flung, strange locations, whether physical (other planets, other systems, other galaxies) or whether they exist in arcane regions of the Consciousness in other probabilities or times. The winning entry will be featured on our Group Home Page and the winning artist will become our first Sci-Fi Artist of the Month. (If we get more than 80 entries, we will also be applying for a $20 voucher).

Work must be in the group! We can’t feature you if it isn’t. Entries that aren’t part of the Sci Fi group will be removed from the challenge.

Please – no fan art, this time around! Originality is key. No T-shirts, only images. Writing is encouraged – let us hear your story! – but your writing must be WITH your image (the Description box).

All entries must adhere to Group Rules. Work deemed otherwise will be removed from the challenge at discretion of the hosts. This challenge is for Members, so be sure you join and your work is in the group.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for one or vote for several, but be sure you vote! Hosts do not participate in challenges: the winning entry will be up to YOU, the artists and the writers in the group!

Look for good Science Fiction, first of all. If you’re not sure of what the group is all about, check our Features; that will give you an idea what we look for in the sci-fi group! Creativity, artistic merit, mind-bending concepts — all are key! Render images in any medium you want (paintings, drawings, Bryce, Photoshop, etc) but they must be visually exciting and unique.

If you’re not sure about the rules, please check! (No sheer fantasy, no sheer horror, no pure abstracts, and again – for this challenge – no fan or tribute art).

Rewards & Prizes

Winning entry will be featured on the Group Home Page and the winner will become our Sci-Fi Artist of the Month. As above, we will be applying for a $20 voucher if we get more than 80 entries.

Winner will of course, receive a winners’ banner, and those who make the Top 10 will get a banner too. In the event of a Tie (it does happen) we will go with the decision of the staff (Red Bubble) — no disputes. However, if there is a tie the second runner-up will be our Artist of the Month later on, in January 2011.

Additional Information

This is our first challenge in a long long time, so we’re really looking forward to your awesome work! Dazzle us with all your Best! And best of luck.

Cover Image: My Reality by AnimiDawn


The Top Ten

Ice Station Echo. by Bill Marsh

Ice Station Echo. by Bill Marsh was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 5 votes.

  • Trilobite Boy and Gargoyles by Glendon Mellow
  • The traveler series:  #5 by Carol and Mike Werner
  • Ice Queen's Private Eden by Catherine Liversidge
  • Under Construction by gnolan
  • Floating by Hugh Fathers
  • Lost in space I think by Peter Krause
  • Different Drummer Episode IV by Syd Baker
  • Spike Pond by blacknight
  • City Under Glass by Ray Cassel

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