Sci-Fi Concept Design

A place were designers of Sci-fi concepts can share

Recent Work

  • Havoc RD-08 Droid by Daniel Rodgers
  • Peach Melba Lake by Angela Harburn
  • Into the Void by Angela Harburn
  • When Worlds Collide by Angela Harburn
  • Future Shaman by Matt Bissett-Johnson
  • There Are No Humans in These Woods! by Nadya Johnson
  • Fine Waves by Daniel Ignacio
  • The Ratmobile by Kim Gauge
  • Diabolical Demon by Matt Corrigan
  • Sorry ~ only robots left here, too  by Nadya Johnson
  • Dreamcatcher - Reflections by AlienVisitor
  • Gate Keeper by Redustheriotact

About This Group

A home where designers of Sci-fi can share ideas and network outside of the mainstream industries, Animation, SFX, Gaming and cinema.
a great place to brainstorm on sci-fi concept design with immediate feedback from your peers.

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