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Recent Work

  • Der Rauber und der Ritter by Peter Krause
  • Doctor Who: Cartoon by jephwho
  • Trio In Space by Patricia Howitt
  • the Crew by blacknight
  • Zombie Hunting Permit 2019/2020 by zorpzorp
  • Keep Flying by clarkarts24
  • THE MOMENT by shadowlea
  • Travel Beyond The Limits by Patricia Howitt
  • From the beginning of time by crystalline
  • Tranquility by Jeff Powers Illustration
  • The Philosopher by Jeff Powers Illustration
  • WORLD RICE BOWL w/ Extra Dumplings by John Legry

About This Group


by DreamGardenArt

(WINNER! Voyage Through the Cosmos)


The Mission: featuring the Finest Science Fiction Artwork anywhere this side of Betelgeuse!

Work must be SCIENCE FICTION/ not just “strange”/ surreal!

No Politics / No Religion, please! The focus of this group is fiction; also, we are International and NOT a forum for debate. There are other forums for your views on politics/ all such will be rejected here unless they have an “overwhelming” element of sci fi.

We accept artwork Original in concept AND work from fandom (tribute art) but ALL work MUST have a sci-fi theme to qualify. Any media is fine (drawings, paintings, Photoshop, Bryce, Apophosis, etc) but again, ONLY sci-fi work will qualify.

Please do not submit cute animals, surrealism for surrealism’s sake, or abstracts and patterns unles they’re clearly science fiction based!

NO VARIANTS (ie., same designs in different colors/different products). Let your images be fresh/unique.

Any work based on shows and movies such as Star Trek, Dr. Who etc. must show a high degree of originality! WE CANNOT, AND WILL NOT, ACCEPT MATERIAL COPIED DIRECTLY FROM SOMEONE ELSE’S ARTWORK OR PHOTOGRAPHY! Any submissions we suspect of being copied, WILL be rejected: so be sure your work shows a high degree of original interpretation, even if it’s based on known themes!

Note: submit fan art at your own risk. RB is yanking much of it in recent weeks so proceed with caution if you’re posting artwork based on movies, TV, or any other media!

Remember, This group’s for everyone. No overt violence or gore, and NO animal abuse! Anything we deem offensive, racist or obscene, or not in keeping with the spirit of the Bubble or the group, will be rejected. (Tasteful nudity accepted)

Jokes, slogans, funny references are welcome but as with everything, must refer to science fiction in some way, however nerdy or obscure.

Please don’t flood the group! Keep submissions down to 4 a day.

Also, Shop Format is accepted here but WILL NOT be featured, and does NOT qualify for challenges! That’s because such images cannot be bannered, nor can we or anybody else leave comments easily. Use the IMAGE ONLY default if possible; shirts are fine when your design is specifically for shirts but Not in Shop Format. Be sure your entry has an option for COMMENTS for best results. (Any questions on this topic, don’t hesitate to write and ask!)

Recent Challenge Winner/featured artists!

Planetary Baubles by Western Exposure
(Winner/ Celebrate the Season, SciFi Style!)

Winner! Postcards from Across the Stars

Ticket to the Moon by Martin Muir

Winner! Across the Expanse

Stillness/ by Peter Krause

Winner! They’ve Arrived

Emissary by Syd Baker

Winner! 1-800-WEIRD

downfall by psychoshadow

Winner! Mirror Mirror

After a Fashion by blacknight

Winner! Alien Habitats

Colony on Callisto by blacknight

Winner! Let’s Do the Time Warp yet Again!

time travel box jump into dark vortex abstract by NadiyaArt


Current Member Banners: feel free to copy one and paste it on your gallery page.

Join the Crew! We aim to make this trek as fun, as fascinating, and as mind-blowing as the laws of physics will allow!


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