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Recent Work

  • 11th doctor by Harrenhalghost
  • Futurist's Embracing. by Andy Nawroski
  • 12th doctor by Harrenhalghost
  • RETRO All Your Base Are Belong To Us by refritomix
  • Futurist at the AIRPORT. by Andy Nawroski
  • Ninth doctor by Harrenhalghost
  • Moon Yolk by Ranggasme
  • The Twelfth Doctor by Simon Bromley
  • Rick and Morty and The Fifth Element by Michowl
  • Rohr02 by Anders Lidholm
  • Tenth Doctor by Harrenhalghost
  • Porifiori by Fiery-Fire

About This Group

The Mission: featuring the Finest Science Fiction Artwork anywhere this side of Betelgeuse!

Work must be SCIENCE FICTION/ not just science/ not just “strange!”

No Politics! The focus of this group is fiction; also, we are International and NOT a forum for debate. There are other forums for your views on politics/ all such will be rejected here.

Please read all rules below before submitting work.

Image of the Week… May 15, ’17

Dr Who and Song by katpowell


Latest Challenge Winners/Featured Artists

Winner! Out in the Expanse

Terraforming by Cliff Vestergaard


Winner! Fright Factor

Corruption of the Flesh by Karl Eschenbach


Winner! When, Where and WHO (Dr. Who Challenge)

Time Word No. 12 by Grafx-Guy


Winner! “Transgalactic Tour”

Emissary by Syd Baker

“Contorting the Continuum”

teleportation door by psychoshadow

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We accept artwork Original in concept AND work from fandom (tribute art) but ALL work MUST have a sci-fi theme to qualify. Any media is fine (drawings, paintings, Photoshop, Bryce, Apophosis, etc) but ONLY sci-fi work will qualify. (No Sherlock, No Game of Thrones, etc. Those are not science fiction and will be rejected. So will comic art, unless it’s science-fiction based.)

Please do not submit cute animals, surrealism for surrealism’s sake, or abstracts and patterns unles they’re clearly science fiction based!

NO VARIANTS (ie., same designs in different colors/different products). Let your images be fresh/unique.

Any work based on shows and movies such as Star Trek, Dr. Who etc. must show a high degree of originality! WE CANNOT, AND WILL NOT, ACCEPT MATERIAL COPIED DIRECTLY FROM SOMEONE ELSE’S ARTWORK OR PHOTOGRAPHY! Any submissions we suspect of being copied, WILL be rejected: so be sure your work shows a high degree of original interpretation, even if it’s based on known themes!

This group’s for everyone. No overt violence or gore, and NO animal abuse! Anything we deem offensive, racist or obscene, or not in keeping with the spirit of the Bubble or the group, will be rejected. (Tasteful nudity accepted),


Winners! Not with Human Hands (3-way tie)

The Mysterious Islands by sciencenotes

Amythest Artifact02 by Syd Baker

Spatial City by nonarom


“Over There, I Could be a ~ ?”
(Parallel Earths)

Rainbow Wave by shadowlea


Winner! “SciFi Love (Valentines Day challenge)”

Joy and Innocence Prevail by Syd Baker


Winner! “Life 2.0”

Over Under by Syd Baker

Winners! (3-way tie) ~ “Best in Sci Fi/ 2016”

We have no idea by Adam Guiel

Blue Arch to Unknown Worlds by sciencenotes

Grotto by blacknight

Winner! “Celebrate the Season SciFi Style!”

Santa’s Home by psychoshadow

Winner! “When, Where and Mostly WHO”

Ned the Time Traveler 11 by DoodleDojo

Winner! “Let’s Do the Timewarp Again”


Winners! Cover Shots (2-way tie)

Solitary by psychoshadow

Space Battle by Innovariart

Winner! “Monster Mash”

Return of the Fallen by Gabriel Forgottenangel

Winner! “Robots/Androids/Cyborgs”

Cyberpunk Painting 080 by Ian Sokoliwski

Winner! “Alien Invasion”

So it’s you! by sundeepartist

This is not a group for Horror (zombies), nor High Fantasy (dragons, elves and unicorns) although at times the genres overlap; in which event, your host will make the ultimate decision and will have the final say. Classic science fiction is our mainstay, as generally accepted in the Sci Fi genre overall: images and stories based on scientific possibilities ~ no matter how far out or as yet unproven, such as star travel, time travel, alternate dimensions and the rest.

Remember, TWO elements are needed here: science… and fiction. No “just science,” please! Here, work must have its root not just in speculative science, but in story-telling too. Doesn’t mean you have to write the story (though we’d love it if you did), but your artwork should suggest one,or refer to one. If it would make a great illustration for a Sci Fi book ~ it’s probably our cup of tea!

Jokes, slogans, funny references are welcome but as with everything, must refer to science fiction in some way, however nerdy or obscure.

Please don’t flood the group! Keep submissions down to 4 a day!

More is on the second page. You have to go there anyway, to join ~ check it out.


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Join the Crew! We aim to make this trek as fun, as fascinating, and as mind-blowing as the laws of physics will allow!


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