Deepest Darkest Fears

Show us your fears!

Recent Work

  • The Rescinder by Ethan  Harris
  • Carnivorous Flowers by ogfx
  • Following A White Bird by Ben Loveday
  • Bloody Mary by Ersu Yuceturk
  • when the bank took the house by glennbrady
  • Abandoned Church Trinidad, Colorado by DariaGrippo
  • Prone to Nightmares by Jennifer Rhoades
  • Angel of Mercy by Karen Nadine Smits
  • Creature smoking a shisha by Maurice Campobasso
  • Potato Harvest by John Douglas
  • Beyond the eyes of chaos by Adam Guiel
  • passion play by Jessica Sharmin

About This Group

What scares you? The dark? Monsters? Blood? Ghosts? Spiders? Death? Having no chocolate to eat? Waking up and finding out Pizza is banned? Hunger pains in the middle of the night…and day? etc.

Well this group is the place for it. Be creative and have fun! And remember it HAS to be something that truly scares the crap out of our bodies.

If we feel it doesn’t fit in the group, we’re sorry to say it will be removed. If you enter something and it gets rejected, please DO NOT enter it into the group again and again and again.
If it was rejected the first time then it wont make it the 2nd or 3rd or 4th time. Please respect this.


heather King winner of our latest challenge
scared to go out

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