Scanned images

Recent Work

  • Dandelion by Barbara Wyeth
  • Camelia by missmoneypenny
  • A Spring Favourite - image 1 by missmoneypenny
  • A Spring Favourite - image 2 by missmoneypenny
  • Pink Star Flower by missmoneypenny
  • Wisteria by missmoneypenny
  • Purple Flags by missmoneypenny
  • Two Turnips by Barbara Wyeth
  • Snapdragons by missmoneypenny
  • rock paper scissors by lastgasp
  • Pair of Ranunculas by Barbara Wyeth
  • Leaves on a Scanner by Stephen D. Miller

About This Group

This group is for images of objects, created with a flatbed scanner only.
We do not mean scanned photos but scanned objects.
You have to indicate how the image was made, what scanner was used and you need to indicate you created the image yourself.
Only real artistic and surprising images will be approved and there is little appetite for discussion when an image is rejected (give us a break..). But we’re nice people worries.

Check this site out for more info on different “Scannographers”, processes, and techniques : SCANNOGRAPHY

Featured Artist for the month is the winner of the “Self Portrait” Challenge…
James Birkbeck
Congrats James!!!

And also the winner of the “Storyline” challenge…

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