Russian Speaking Art

Featuring the best of Visual Art in Russian-speaking tradition all over the world. Art that is speaking the same visual language and it is "Russian". Art that represents a specific mentality - that of a Russian spirit.

Permanent Features of "Fine Art" features

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My selection all about fine art. I been asked if subject not directly related to the Russia or old Soviet republic should it be in the group. Absolutely yes, as long you have Russian School of art education.

Congratulation to all , awesome work.

Work by Yuriy Shevchuk
Kiev Art School and Kiev Architectural Academy.

Prague Mustek First Heat____________Prague Zamecky Schody Castle Step

Prague Panorama Chehuv Bridge by Yuriy Shevchuk

Jazz Rock Guitarist Stone Temple Pilots -———————————-GAZ 21 Volga

Ballet Behind the Scenes

Dmitri Matkovsky
Bachelor of Visual Art, Muchina College of Industrial Art in St. Petersburg, Russia

Urban Strategy

Red on white – flowers in the vase

Ivan Krutoyarov
Moscow Public University of Art, specialisation – easel painting.

Church bells

Ekaterina Menkova
Started painting at the age of 10 at the studios of some most prominent artists of the South Russia. In 2008, graduated from the Dept. of Painting of South Federal University. Now I teach painting there


Lana Wynne
Born and raised in Belarus, took courses in art, Her work can be found in private collections in Canada, the USA and overseas.

Moon Diamond Siamese

Sitting Pretty by Lana Wynne

Jon Ayres
Jon D. Ayres’s Digital Art from Mysterious Russia
American who has been living and working in Moscow, Russia for the last 5 years.

Alexander Rozenbaum 2 ___________________________________ The World Famous Bolshoi Ballet

is an architect, born in 1961 in Vilnius, going for photography, literature and other arts since young age. He had studied various arts – painting, sculpture, theatre, cinema.


Igor Zenin
Igor Zenin has been a photographer for over 40 years. His work is well known in Europe far beyond the borders of his home country the Republic of Moldova. A talented photographer’s lens captured a lot of significant events and famous people, including visit to Moldova of the first man in space cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin back in 1966. In 2007 over 80 works were exhibited in Strasbourg during the winter session of PACE. Later works of Igor Zenin appeared on covers of several editions of the Council of Europe magazine.

Anna Karenina

Green by Igor Zenin

Heavenly Domes by Igor Zenin

Black Soil Fields by Igor Zenin

Olga Gorbacheva from Nizhny Novgorod, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Olga is the programmer by education. For the last 2 years she been painting. Olga is self taught artist, she learned how to paint from
textbooks and the Internet-lessons. I really love what I seen so far.

The Big Wave by Olga Gorbacheva

the Princess and the Pea

Hi. How are you? by Olga Gorbacheva

This street is mine! by Olga Gorbacheva

Vitaliy Gonikman
Vitaliy was born and raised in a beautiful old city Odessa in Ukraine, currently lives in Brooklyn, UNITED STATES.
His style “Conceptual Surrealism”. His favorite media is ink and pen but he is also using oil paints, watercolors, pencils, and he loves photography.

Russian Strelets (musketeer) cartoon drawing art

Pianist surreal pen, ink, color pencil drawing by Vitaliy Gonikman

Einstein caricature black and white pencil drawing by Vitaliy Gonikman

Andrei, born in Kharkov, Ukraine., live in Sydney, Australia.

Holiday Spirit VIII by andreisky

Möbius strip by andreisky

Tea by andreisky

North York, CANADA
Repin State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1951-1957) under the direction of professor and acadmician B.V. Ioganson.

Member of St.-Petersburg Union of artists since 1958, and since 1997 a member of the Society of aquarellists.

Monastic Island, Monastery Landscape in Russia by proshkin


Born in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Graduated Saint-Petersburg’s State ART-Industrial Academy, SPGHPA (Former Art-Industrial School named after V.I. Muhina).
Since 1994 is a member of the Artists Union (Graphic section).
Member of St. Petersburg Watercolor Society.

Vasilievski Ostrov, St. Petersburg, Russia by kozhina

Masha Kurbatova

Na Bolshoy Morckoy by Masha Kurbatova

Happy New Year by Masha Kurbatova

Yelena Rozov. Lena originally from Kiev, recently started with photography and Photoshop. I been monitoring her progress and actually working with her on some on her work couple month ago, no I can take a lessons from her.

Hiding Behind the Mask by Yelena Rozov _______________________Have a Glass of Red by Yelena Rozov

Nikolay Semyonov, Rostov-na-Donu, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Nikolay used to teach English at university , currently retired. Digital art and photography just hobbies for him.

the other side by Nikolay Semyonov

wornouts are coming! by Nikolay Semyonov

thirst by Nikolay Semyonov

Sergei Rukavishnikov

A self-taught artist from Tomsk, Russia

FatherTree by Sergei Rukavishnikov

Andrew (andy551 )
Digital artist from Stalowa Wola, POLAND

Moscow…………………………………………………………………………..The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour . by andy551

Elena Kolotusha
Elena born in Russia, but now live in Melbourne, Australia.
Professional award winning artist

“Andalusian stallion” – close-up by Elena Kolotusha

Australian Shepherd by Elena Kolotusha

“Pyramid” by Elena Kolotusha

Tabby look by Elena Kolotusha

Alla Melnichenko
Arts College in Minsk, Belarus
She paint images on birch bark using mixed media. I found them really amazing.

Winter Elegy by Alla Melnichenko

Winter Fairy Tale by Alla Melnichenko
oil on birch bark

Pink Chapel by Alla Melnichenko

The Island by Alla Melnichenko

VallaV Valerij
Voronezh, Russia. Artist by education, he studied carving in stone, bone and wood

Russian hospitality by VallaV

From Yaroslavl, Russia
Major in Fine Art
Working as Fine Art Photography

Viennese Waltz. Impressionism by JennyRainbow

Gothic Passion by JennyRainbow

Bubble Maker. Diver’s Fun by JennyRainbow

Marianna Tankelevich

Her work reminds me animation or cartoon. I do not know much about her, maybe she can introduce yourself better than me.

house on wheels by Marianna Tankelevich

Another new member with famous name Tatiana Larina . Also have not introduced yourself, but check her very impressive portfolio.

“Neptune” by Tatjana Larina

“Rainy day” by Tatjana Larina

Ekaterina Menkova Ekaterina Menkova 3 posts

stunning works, all of them! Russia has never stopped inspiring her sons and daughters, and not only hers. congratulations and thanks to the Host!

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November 27, 2011 – Features -Russian classical ballet


LudaNayvelt LudaNayvelt 747 posts

Congratulation Olga for getting to our Fine Art Gallery and for the feature artist selection for the month of December

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Thank you so much, Luda!

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Congratulation Vitaliy !

LudaNayvelt LudaNayvelt 747 posts

page updated Feb 23, 2012 with new features, congratulation all, excellent work

LudaNayvelt LudaNayvelt 747 posts

Mar 13, 2012. Congratulation to all featured artists, stunning work!

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Congratulation to all featured artists

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Really superb collection of Featured Works Congratulations to artists and host!!

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My congratulation to 3 new members Nikolay Semyonov ,Yelena Rozov and Sergei Rukavishnikov on their achievements, now they are part of out Permanent Features of “Fine Art” collection, please congratulate them

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My Congratulations Nikolay Semyonov, Yelena Rozov and Sergei Rukavishnikov!!!!!!!

Vitta Vitta 1129 posts

My Congratulations all Hosts and all Featured Artists!!!!!!!!

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My congratulation this week (Apr 27, 2012) to Elena Kolotusha and Andrew , 2 such a talented artist, great to have you in our group. Bravo!

LudaNayvelt LudaNayvelt 747 posts

I am really happy to add such an unique works by Alla Melnichenko to our Fine Art gallery, we are glad to have you in the group, Alla, Bravo!!!

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So fascinating collection of art works you presented here, all of them are so interesting and just gorgeous! Congratulations on future to all of you!

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Очень приятно оказаться в такой творческой компании!!!))

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Davno nado bilo dobavit, tolko ruki ne dohogili, i eta rabota sdes viglyadit prekrasno

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May 16, 2012 – My congratulation to new member Jenny Rainbow, who made it to out Fine Art collection and to all who been featured today.

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Фантастическая галерея! Я в восторге! Людмила, огромное спасибо! Алла

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Thank you so much, Vitta and Liudmila, so thrilled with this feature and accompany such talented artists and works!
A beautiful gallery! Best and warmest wishes!

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Superb work by all the artists – it shows how much of a versatile a multi-talented and versatile Group we have! :)george

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