Rural Around The Globe

Group Rules:

  1. Please include the location of the image (where the scene is located).
  2. Most importantly – have fun and enjoy.
  3. Due to our high volumn of images in this group – images of dogs and or pets in a non-rural setting will be removed as swiftly as possible.
  4. Images of city streets, downtown buildings, metro scenes and portraits that are not in a rural setting will be removed.
  5. Keep photographic work as natural as possible with a minimum of post processing. In fact, it is best to concentrate more on pure photography and less on post processing software and gimmicks.
  6. If you did not do the work yourself – don’t submit it here. This includes the combination of your work with someone else’s backgrounds or textures.
  7. Capturing someone’s photograph using “screen captures” and then running that image through oil or watercolor Photoshop type filters and then submitting that image as your own to this group is theft and those images are not allowed here as of 8/21/2010. Submit your own work and you have nothing to worry about.
    #Please upload only your best work. You do not need to live in America or even a rural area to join, but all work submitted to the group should follow the rules. All media welcome, T-shirts and writing too. So let’s see some paintings, prints, mixed media, photography, and digital art! When you Join, Please visit the forum and introduce yourself and during the course of your membership please help keep our group forums active.
  8. Don’t allow our group to be a dumping group. If non-rural images get past the hosts and you see it, report it to a host for review.
  9. To qualify for Featured Artist status in this group members should comment regularly on other member’s work; be kind and follow RB rules; participate in as many of our group challenges as possible and vote…….the more visible and active you make yourself, the closer you come to Featured Artist status.