Rural Around The Globe

A group for art, photography and writing relating to rural and country living in general around the world.

  • Reflecting on Autumn by Viv Thompson
  • Sweet Dreams by Martha Medford
  • The Sun's Last Rays by Viv Thompson
  • Mighty Old Oak in fog by heidiannemorris
  • The Dasdana lake by annalisa bianchetti
  • 4727 by peter holme III
  • Plains of Thunder by James Cole
  • Faith and Freedom by Eric Glaser
  • The Barn by RickDavis
  • Sunlit Birch by Viv Thompson
  • An Afternoon in Stowe by Viv Thompson
  • Turning The Team by SWEEPER
  • River Leaves by RVogler
  • Tiny Visitor... by Laurie Minor
  • The Chair by BShirey
  • Untamed by Arla M. Ruggles
  • Pasture Pals by AuntDot
  • Devonshire Hillside by Michael Carter