Rocks and Stones

Group Rules:


If you love the textures, colors, lines, shapes, and geometry of stone, this is the group for you. Our guidelines are:

- Only three submissions per day.- No vistas, seascapes, wide landscape shots or vast panoramas allowed.- Rock must be the main focus of the photo or artwork.- No fossils, seashells or carvings, please, and no worked or shaped stone. Raw rock only.- Paintings of rocks will be accepted as long as the rock can be easily identified.

- Shadowed, outlined, or the ‘cliff at sunset’ shot will be rejected.
– The moderators retain the right to reject sand and gravel!

-Concrete/Cement is not a rock
-Tufa towers are mineral precipitates, not rock
- Badlands are eroded sediments, not rock
- Unfortunately Stonehenge has been shaped as well
-Put a description on or it will be rejected if it’s not obvious