Group Rules:

*"Our primary group aim is to showcase the beauty of inland waters, in natural surrounds," as God made it.

Our world has many wonderful rivers and lakes, natural and man made, and this is the group to share your photos, drawings and paintings that showcase these wonderful waterways. The lake or inland waterway ought to form the main focus, NO human intervention ie. nothing that removes or distracts our eyes from the main focal point of the image, the body of water.

RedBubble is home to a great number of talented artists who have great skill in conveying the beauty of the waterways they encounter and we’re proud to provide a home for their images. We welcome all artists who strive to depict and share the beauty of lakes and inland waterways.


A lake can be natural or man made. The body of water held back by a dam construction is also known as a dam or reservoir and the definition of lake in this group includes such bodies of water.

An inland waterway in this group is a natural river or a man made waterway such as a bayou, creek, stream, canal, again with an artistic approach showing the water and not the man made artificial surrounds (such as buildings, people and the like).

What we are looking for in the group

Images that showcase a lake or inland waterway in a broader view.

Natural surrounds, where any man made features, such as bridges and boats, people, power poles, etc are NOT in evidence.

The name of the waterway, or a clear idea of the location in which it is found.

Appealing images that you are proud of, not just any image with a little water in it.

Popular subjects that would be better suited to other groups

Close ups of water birds, animals, things, rocks, driftwood, etc, may be rejected. They are on a case by case basis. However if the birds, animals, etc are NOT the focal point (and the greater body of water IS) they’re more than welcome.

It is not the purpose of this group to showcase boats, piers, jetties, boathouses, people, illuminated buildings by the shore and so on. Any images including any of the aforementioned items may be rejected on a case by case basis. Nor are we looking for images of harbors or coastline shots – We’re NOT after oceans, seas or yacht-filled marinas – (think inland and minimal distractions from the natural beauty of the waterway).

Sweeping landscapes and skyscapes in which the body of water plays only a minor part are not accepted.

Images where people/things have a prominent presence are not accepted.

Reflections in small areas and abstracts can be lovely, but they don’t showcase the waterway as a whole so such images are not suited to this group.

And please, submit just two images a day to the group so that each image has a decent chance of spending some time on the front page.