Rising Teens

A group to support the youth community of RedBubble through exposure, support and advice. Welcome to our community, we're so glad you're visiting.

Recent Work

  • the day everything froze  by anthonyxbailey
  • RAINDROP by anthonyxbailey
  • still workin by anthonyxbailey
  • NO SIGNS by anthonyxbailey
  • U Can't Stop by anthonyxbailey
  • still waitin by anthonyxbailey
  • bleu me away by anthonyxbailey
  • HEAVENS GATE by anthonyxbailey
  • LET THE SUN SHINE IN by anthonyxbailey
  • shoe tossing by anthonyxbailey
  • boy if you dont RUN by anthonyxbailey
  • blue shirt by anthonyxbailey

About This Group

“Rising Teens” is a group that aims to support RedBubble’s youth, we are trying to get the teens of RedBubble noticed and taken seriously because we can be just as good as older, more experienced photographers, we have new idea, different inspirations and we want to get every single one of you noticed.

We’re purely a photography group but could possibly expand to other mediums in the future, please feel free to send BubbleMail either of the hosts to request another medium be added to the group.

I’ve recently come across a group similar to this, sounds like they have some great members, I urge you to check them out, they’re known as Generation Y.

See the group rules and join this group here

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