Reflections In Windows - Excellent Level Work

Reflections in Windows of Buildings, Autos, Transport - Established November 2008

Recent Work

  • Ethic of Reciprocity by Adam Bykowski
  • Reflecting on his service by indiafrank
  • Within or without there's never a doubt..... by MikeShort
  • Looking forward, looking back by MarianBendeth
  • Upon Reflection by Celia Strainge
  • To work at sunrise by awefaul
  • Red door on Argyle Street. by Ian Ramsay
  • Don't Stand So Close To Me by Ben Loveday
  • Religious Reflection by phil decocco
  • External Confusion by Werner Padarin
  • TEA ROOM VENICE ITALY by Thomas Barker-Detwiler
  • Sunrise in our frog by relayer51

About This Group

We are an international group of photographers who have endeavored to find expression and delight in capturing the reflections in buildings and glass in various locations around the world!
Each month 12 images are chosen by your hosts to be featured.

We are looking for Reflections of anything from windows of buildings, or transport, but not from mirrors! The reflection must dominate the image.
There are other groups for reflections in water, chrome, and for buildings being reflected in them as well. The reflection should be more important in the image than the reflected object (if visible at all).
Minor manipulation of images will be accepted if the reflection remains evident.
Post production techniques are often quite interesting but not really the objective here.
Partial but tasteful nudity allowed in reflections. We monitor all submissions.

Like this one below
Congratulations We love your work at Reflections in Building Windows!

Think about the reflected image as the theme and focus.
Exclude or limit the surrounding non-reflected surfaces, or elements.
(ex., We don’t need to see the sidewalk, window frame, or elements nearby.)
Limit but not necessarily avoid views of the objects, people, or elements on the other side of the glass. The reflection should equal or dominate in the photograph.
Store windows may be pretty and sometimes add interest if a reflection is greater than the display in the window, but window displays are not the objective.
Avoid muddy or muted elements in the reflection.

Think of the reflection as it’s own reality!

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