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Holly25 Holly25 14 posts

I have just remembered that I won a £20 redbubble voucher after winning a competition on here, however it was quite a long time ago, sometime last year and I never used it as I never found out how to redeem the voucher. Does anyone know how you actually can use to purchase something on here? As I would really like to use it, just have no idea how!


BYRON BYRON 12654 posts

Hiya Holly

Generally, your voucher is for USD20, is single use, and valid for one year.

To use the code:

1. Place the order you want in your cart and go to check out

2. Enter your address details into the “Where should RedBubble send this order?” page.

3. Once you have entered your shipping method, under the Shipping and Total heading enter your code where it says “Gift Certificate or Promotional Code”

4. Clicking on “Update Total” will then show you the final amount (if any) that needs to be paid. You can then complete the payment details for your order.

Holly25 Holly25 14 posts

Okay thank-you very much for your help, however I never actually got given a promotional code, or at least I don’t think I have. It was sometime last year so quite long ago now. When you win a competition on here and the prize is money, is the host supposed to send you a message or something telling you the code? Or if not, how am I supposed to get the code? Thank-you!

BYRON BYRON 12654 posts

if it was a RB Voucher… it is actually a promotional code, you don’t get an actual voucher. Even cash prizes that are offered from external sources are vouchers that are actually just a code.

Your group host should have sent you the code in a bmail.

I would suggest asking them about it.

Holly25 Holly25 14 posts

Oh well they haven’t! Okay Thank’s very much for your help!

jackchlo333 jackchlo333 1 post

i am paying by paypal and there isnt that option of redeeming a voucher, is this because i am using paypal??

Prettyinpinks Prettyinpinks 1162 posts

I think it’s because when you pay with paypal it takes off the option of paying with giftcards etc because it takes you straight to paypal. :)