Unisex short sleeve- Image to shirt size comparison chart

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Hi Kelly,

When you open the template think of it as that blue rectangle (above) so if you place your image nearer to the top your image will be higher up on the shirt.


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Hi Kelly,

I wanted to position my artwork correctly on my T-Shirt designs as well. So I went to my cupboard, grabbed a bunch of T-Shirts I had bought over the years and measured how far down the shirt the images appeared – learning from the professional graphic designers is always the best option. The artworks are usually about 6 to 8 centimeters down from the bottom of the neck line curve. After trial and error, I decided that placing my designs about 450 to 550 pixels below the top of the T-shirt template looks the best in the preview on Red Bubble. That way they should cover the upper chest like the bought ones in the stores.

reflector reflector 109 posts

Some designs break out of that restriction / convention when it comes to placement though. Large and bold, free-form artworks that cover most of the shirt might be printed right up onto the top of the shoulder / base of the neck line / right to the bottom or side of the shirt [ not really feasible for RB artworks though ] – so that can affect placement and can be part of your self-expression as a designer -


Good luck,


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Where on earth can I find the redbubble tee shirt template? It’s hidden or gone – help please

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the template is on the t-shirt upload page Here

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Thanks for the article really useful Cheers

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I think I’m missing something as well.

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what do you mean MediumRed…? can you explain to us what you don’t understand, and we will try to help solve your problem.

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Why are you printing at a lower 200 DPI instead of the standard 300?

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300 dpi is standard for photographs printed on photo paper (many cheap labs printing at lower resolution), but this is about textile. Photographs on canvas are mostly printed at 200dpi or lower. I don’t think higher resolution would give big difference (if any, visible) for t-shirts.

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Is it possible to place a different design on the front and back of the tee?

prbimages prbimages 1899 posts

Is it possible to place a different design on the front and back of the tee?

No, a single design, which is printed on either the front or the back.

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That’s really nice from you to share your knowledge Chris !

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I just received an order of my own shirts this week and two of them were a bit disappointing in that the designs were printed too far down and made the shirt look “droopy” and unflattering.
It was these two: http://www.redbubble.com/people/funkeeone/works...

Can I assume then I need to make the images smaller so I can position them up at the top of the template i.e. on the chest of the t-shirt?


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note – the t-shirt template file from Redbubble is at an incorrect resolution of 72dpi, which is 84.66 × 112.87 cm, so if you copy actual size graphics onto this template they will paste far too small. If you require actual size precision for your design change the image size of the template to a resolution of 200 dpi (uncheck “Resample Image” in Photoshop), and make sure the pixel dimensions are still 2400 × 3200 before you hit OK.

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came to this guide from link at http://support.redbubble.com/kb/advanced/how-to...
That page made mention of vector vs. raster images… but the only templates RB offer are raster, so why do they even bring up the topic of vector graphics if we can’t use them?

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You can create your design with vecfor images. You will have to save it as a png or jpg (depending on what you’re making) file when you’re done to upload it.

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So, I take it that we can not print on the back of shirts. Also is a left crest position possible?

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So, I take it that we can not print on the back of shirts.

Yes, you can print on the back. Or the front. But not both.

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