New York Comic Con Design Challenge

This challenge closed over 6 years ago.

The Challenge

Fancy having your own design featured at New York Comic Con?
Of course you do, so you need to get your concentration hat on and read these words:

Your task is to create your very own, highly original, comic book character. Superhero or villain. Splendidly powerful, embarrassingly weak, or just quite good at chess. Give them skills you’ve always wanted or defects you’ve always dreaded. Give them a snappy name and stick them on a t-shirt.

What would your character wear? What’s their calling card, weaponry or gadgetry? What’s their story? What are they fighting for or against? It’s up to you to answer these questions.

We’ll then whip the winning design into a limited edition, official RedBubble/NYCC 2011 t-shirt to be featured, praised, discussed and given to hundreds of adoring comic fans in New York this October. Check the Rewards section below for full details.

Cover image: White King’s Fury by Shanamation

Judging / Voting Criteria

Entries will be shortlisted by the community through the voting process. The final winners will be selected by RedBubble from the Top 20. 

RedBubble will select final winners at their sole discretion based upon those works which they consider show:

- A remarkable sense of imagination in character development

- Skill in execution – whatever the tools you choose

New designs only please. Most importantly, designs should not include licensed characters or material that may be subject to copyright and trademark laws. If in doubt, don’t. 

Rewards & Prizes

First Prize: 
- Your winning design will be turned into a Limited Edition shirt to be featured heavily at New York Comic Con 2011, with poster art of your work and artist bio. 300 shirts of your design will be given away to lucky people who come and talk to us and seem nice
- US$200 in RedBubble vouchers
- A pretty exciting mystery prize we can’t tell you about yet

Three Runners-up: 
- US$100 in RedBubble vouchers, each 
- Prime banner featuring on our fancy new RedBubble Facebook page
- The same ‘pretty exciting mystery prize’ that we still can’t tell you about, even now

Additional Information

All entrants agree to be bound by the Official Rules

You may only submit one image.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: The entrant must have clear copyright ownership or permission to use any images utilised in their final submission. Stock images and Creative Commons images may be used, but only if their license allows such a use. Credits must be made where necessary and all links must be provided in the description. Any images that do not meet this criteria will be removed.

Cover Image: Untitled by onetonshadow


The Top Ten

The Colonel by Steven  Austin

The Colonel by Steven Austin was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 41 votes.

  • The Red Bubbler! by shanamation
  • Brother Mayhem by matthewdunnart
  • Tankfist Steelhammer – Mightiest of the Mighty by Simon Sherry
  • The Pelican by Danny
  • ILLUSTRIA by Linda Hardt
  • New York Comic Con 2011 by ninjaink
  • Butterfly Man by Dominique Buttiens
  • ☼ ☥  Anput, Guardian of Lore ☥ ☾  ~ (Anubis' Feminine Aspect) by Leah McNeir
  • Zaura - Intergalactic Bounty Hunter by Sturstein

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