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tribute tshirts or art for all designers

Recent Work

  • Dark Madara by AlexKramer
  • Assisi, Italy, an archway framing the view by James Lewis Hamilton
  • Dracula is Desperately Hungry by Zoo-co
  • Monsters Ink by Rob Stephens
  • usa warriors by rogers bros by usanewyork
  • Zombie by tombst0ne
  • usa warriors chinatown by rogers bros by usanewyork
  • Robert Crawley - Downton Abbey Industries by Rob Stephens
  • aussie warriors kangaroo by rogers bros by usanewyork
  • The Bodyguard by beanocartoonist
  • Kathakali Dance Form by ramanandr
  • Creature Black Lagoon by Randall Robinson

About This Group

Dec 2011

Hook up with an online shop…Now is the time to think big. I think that hooking up with large online fashion shops is the way forward for us independent designers. With some online fashion stores making in excess of UK £200million gross per year in sales selling commercial and independent designs.
But, the problem is money. Most stores have a 70% or 2 1/2 times markup. So, a $10 shirt will be for sale at $30 if my maths are correct.

Inspiration * this month Johnny Cupcakes doin his thing in USA. with his cupcakes. started out selling on AA printed tees. made in USA tees with guest artists and collabs with the likes of WB, Hello Kitty. .join his facebook and get some inspiration…)

his facebook

Thanks Ian )
an idea for displaying thsirts on a billboard in New York, USA

i do buy designs by other artists here on redbubble
an excellent design from satansbrand

group(s) we recommend

please visit the Christmas Gift Center @

thanks Ian )

The group

a collection of tributes for all designers on redbuuble

GROUP RULES (no nude at all)

1. each t shirt / art / photo must feature more than one design or redesign by the Redbubble designer.(see examples below for ideas)

2. it can be a review of all your designs

3. this a a tribute to your style

4 .triBute Tshirts aNd ArT- features

we as hosts can feature work or you as artists can suggest a feature

the above images stored in banners for the year journal

check the features VaUlt for past, present
5. Unlimited Art, clothing, writing or journals.

6. New and old members are Featured members. Rotation could happen at any time. There is no favourites here. You the members make the group, not an individual person.


Die Gruppe
eine Ansammlung Tribute für alle Entwerfer auf redbuuble
GRUPPE RICHTLINIEN (kein Nude an allen)
1. jedes T-Shirt/kunst/Foto müssen mehr als ein Design oder Neukonstruktion durch den Redbubble Entwerfer kennzeichnen. (sehen Sie Beispiele unten für Ideen),
2. es kann ein Bericht aller Ihrer Designs 3
sein. dieses ein Tribut zu Ihren Art
4 .triBute T-Shirts und kunst features
wir, wie Wirte Arbeit kennzeichnen können oder Sie, wie Künstler eine Eigenschaft vorschlagen können
5. Unbegrenzte kunst, Kleidung, Schreiben oder Journale.
6. Neue und alte Mitglieder sind gekennzeichnete Mitglieder. Umdrehung konnte jederzeit geschehen. Es gibt keine Lieblinge hier. Sie die Mitglieder bilden die Gruppe, nicht eine einzelne Person.
*examples of art and tshirts


artwork by Truesoulart has elements that feature in other images

tom douce tribute tshirt design

a good example by Mikoto
his collage of his designs featured as a design

his previous tee designs make the new one below


this character has appeared in his art and now on the tee below

ideas where can you place your designs look at everyday objects….

i like Yanmos design of washing line that can feature your tshirts on the washing line

thanks ian


See the group rules and join this group here