**COLOUR ME Vibrant RED!**

Group Rules:

We want to improve the group. We will no longer accept the following;

orange (verging on being red)

red ( with more pink than red)

images that barely have red in them

far away images (with just a speck of red)

orange/yellow (with a hint of red)

ALSO- NO SUNSETS OR SUNRISES (They tend to be orange)

Our title is about Vibrant RED and we want to display the very best of this colour. Your reds need to be very rich, bright, and show a very strong presentation of Vibrant RED.

Thank you for your understanding, and working with us on improving the group. We want you to be very proud of the group.

  1. Two uploads per day only. Any exceeding this will automatically be removed.
  2. Don’t critique an art piece unless explicitly stated by the artist that they want critique.
  3. Any questions/suggestions, Bubblemail Luisa or Lisa.
  4. All uploads must have a “VIBRANT RED” theme.
  5. This group is for all viewers including minors so please refrain from sexual content, nudity, or innuendo.
  6. No Journals are allowed due to previous abuse.
  7. No violent, or offense material will be permitted regardless of the color red. This includes any artwork or photography displaying images with an overt or underlying message that some may view as derrogatory statements, political attacks, or off the cuff remarks will be removed automatically even if they display the color RED in theme. There are other groups designed for this type of artwork.
  8. Color determination for Red Group located here
  9. Moderators have final say and there will be no debate on their decisions. Please use the Bubblemail system for any clarifications.

Guidelines are subject to change without notice.