**COLOUR ME Vibrant RED!**

Welcome to Colour Me Vibrant Red - a group to share VIBRANT RED artwork/photos.

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Comment Welcome!
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Why not introduce yourself to the Colour Me Red group in this forum …

over 6 years ago by Yuan Wang
Comment Elaboration on the Colour Me Red Group
2 topics 2 posts

Important information on the rules of the Colour Me Red Group

over 9 years ago by Lisa Weber
Comment News and Events
15 topics 215 posts

This section is dedicated to Contest, Voting , and All member news and events.

almost 7 years ago by Mark Jamieson
Comment Group News
40 topics 218 posts
almost 5 years ago by gypsykatz
Comment Thank You Messages
53 topics 89 posts

A place to post your thank you notes to the group!

over 5 years ago by MarianBendeth
Comment Homepage Layout Submissions
3 topics 9 posts

This forum is for comments ONLY! Please do not create new forum posts……however, you are welcome to view and comment on homepages layouts submitted by hosts on behalf of the group.

almost 7 years ago by Magi5760
Comment Feedback & Suggestions
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Do you have feedback for the group or for its hosts? Any suggestions or ideas for different things we can do, or challenges we can try? Or maybe, you have ways to help promote us and increase our exposure? Then post them here!

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