3D Recycled Art

Three-Dimensional Art That Promotes Recycling - No Iphone Cases


  • World's Best Spoon and Fork Jewellery 4 by Brian Cox
  • Heart Shaped Fork Bangle by Brian Cox
  • A Bad Day for Cobb & Co BC 100713 by Brian Cox
  • The Pumpkin Coach BC 99613 by Brian Cox
  • World's Best Spoon and Fork Jewelry 2 by Brian Cox
  • 1950's Clubman Racer BC 98613 by Brian Cox
  • The Other Half by Soxy Fleming
  • Ode to Hockney by Hekla Hekla
  • 1950's Maitland Farmer & His Dog BC 96313 by Brian Cox
  • WIRED for SOUND - art assemblage mixed media sculpture by LindaAppleArt
  • Sun Angel - assemblage altered art doll by LindaAppleArt
  • The Birds and The Bees BC 95113 by Brian Cox
  • Voisin C27 Stylised BC 93113 by Brian Cox
  • Z-14589(Central Mind) Mach 1 SJCJ by Frederick James Norman
  • Egret (Orange Regional Gallery) by Redviolin
  • Little Bird  (Repost) by Redviolin
  • Velocette Venom 1959 BC 92912 by Brian Cox
  • ART RECYCLES ART by Joseph Barbara 2012 by Joseph Barbara