The Hardcore Diehard comic fans and writers/scripts/creators- "Nuff Said True Believer!"

Recent Work

  • King penguin saying bad words while suffocating with six-pack rings by Zoo-co
  • Anxious polar bear saying bad words when standing on a tiny piece of ice by Zoo-co
  • Landscape 11 by hannzoll
  • Furious green parrot saying bad words by Zoo-co
  • Furious bunny saying bad words when pulled out from magician's hat by Zoo-co
  • Rumkin the Mad Pumpkin by Kim Gauge
  • Untitled by cartoonart12
  • SASQUATCH by strangethingsA
  • Untitled by cartoonart12
  • Hail to the King by strangethingsA
  •  BERYL THE PERIL by cartoonart12
  • BERYL THE PERIL by cartoonart12

About This Group

Special Spot-Light Art The Tortoise and the Hare by Anita Inverarity

Keep in Mind: This is NOT a cartoon dumping ground for all cartoon works, there is a difference between comic book, comics, and cartoons, We want only HIGH QUALITY WORKS in this group If you have any questions please feel free to BM anyone of R.M.W.T. Host and someone will be happy to assist you.

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Please keep in mind , RMWT is NOT a place for fan art. ONLY COMIC fan art will be accepted. ALL OTHER TYPES will have to be removed as well as OFF THEME ART. HOWEVER you can place them in FAN FRENZY where they will better fit in.

This group is for hardcore comic buffs, meaning people who LOVE to read, write and draw comics from all over be it underground, popular, detective, crime, superhero, manga, whatever else.

People who paint or draw in graphic novel or comic style ARE also welcomed.

We mostly accept ORIGINAL ideas and art.

This group will be following copyright laws very closely.

ORIGINAL fan fic based writings and art may be shared here as well but ONLY comic book stuff. I have another group that is for other fan stuff here at RB called FAN FRENZY, and it is open to anyone.

Comics are our passion true believers! Nuff Said!

WARNING:ADULT LANGUAGE AND SITUATIONS are in some of the writings.

See the group rules and join this group here