Rapt in Tentacles

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  • The Chrysalis by Ethan  Harris
  • robot octopus by Matt Mawson
  • octopus by Xtianna
  • Roaring Octopus with frills by Andrew Tomlins
  • Me & the Kraken - Victorian edition: Daguerrotype by Laura Congiu
  • Pirate Octopus by jezkemp
  • Bellitudo Bestia BW by AlexMathews
  • Blue Alternator, primordial abstraction 2  by Ethan  Harris
  • A lady and her lover by strawberries
  • the box by greendeer
  • Hang On To Your Imagination by Zombie Rust
  • Gothtopus by punkpics
  • Kill the Beast by AshenShop
  • Hipster Cthulhu, version 2 by Pawgyle
  • Cthulhu leech, eldritch purple version by Pawgyle
  • Cthulhu Leech  by Pawgyle
  • Spirit aninmal Cthulhu by Jonah Block
  • Nyarlathotep by Sam Truman