Rapt in Tentacles

The home of all things tentacular.

  • ink & paper by phresha
  • Longhorn Octopus by Kaitlin Beckett
  • Octini by Diane Johnson-Mosley
  • Lantern Octopus by Kaitlin Beckett
  • Mech Kraken by Grafixcat
  • Above the Valley by Ethan  Harris
  • Sid the Super Squid by ChickenOnSponge
  • Space Toast by JSchultz
  • The Tooloos by Pete Janes
  • Diskordia Chapter 1 cover by rivenis
  • Two Chairs, A Nautical Tale and a Deep-sea Freak by Chris Harrendence
  • "Sucked In" - Octopus by Sophie Lapsley
  • Curious and Curiouser (modified) by Gillienne Castillo
  • sid the squid... by kangarookid
  • octopus by Matt Mawson
  • Looks Like Rain by Bleee
  • Ten of Hearts by Simon Sherry
  • squidcream cone 2 by Xtianna