Rapt in Tentacles

The home of all things tentacular.

Recent Work

  • The Chrysalis by Ethan  Harris
  • octopus by Xtianna
  • Roaring Octopus with frills by Andrew Tomlins
  • Me & the Kraken - Victorian edition: Daguerrotype by Laura Congiu
  • Pirate Octopus by jezkemp
  • Bellitudo Bestia BW by AlexMathews
  • Blue Alternator, primordial abstraction 2  by Ethan  Harris
  • A lady and her lover by strawberries
  • the box by greendeer
  • Hang On To Your Imagination by Zombie Rust
  • Gothtopus by punkpics
  • Hipster Cthulhu, version 2 by Pawgyle

About This Group

Do you love tentacles? We love tentacles. And we feel the need to share that love.

Green tentacles, blue tentacles, red tentacles, yellow tentacles. Long tentacles, short tentacles. Tentacles with suckers. Tentacles without suckers. Lovecraftian tentacles. Vernian tentacles. Weird tentacles, creepy tentacles, cute tentacles. Striped tentacles. Spotted tentacles. Aquatic tentacles, terrestrial tentacles, cosmic tentacles.

Show us your tentacles.

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