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Works removed from the challenge - no dates, or too old

Themis Themis 3062 posts

Hi all,

I started this challenge last night, and this morning I was so happy to see so many works added to the challenge AND to the moderation queue! So I started moderating, looking to see whether the date the picture was taken was added to the Description or Title (as per challenge requirements) and if it’s 2012 or 2013… Very disappointed to find out I had to reject so many and remove them from the challenge. Most of them because they had no date, a few because, if they’ve been added to RB more than 2 or 3 years ago, they can’t have been taken in 2012 or 2013!

Due to time constrains, there will be no individual messages sent. The challenge description has been amended to make it clearer on that aspect, no other changes made (the requirements to add NEW work and to add the date somewhere visible was there from the start, including in the group description).

Please don’t be disheartened, do add the date to the Description or Title (you can remove them after this challenge is over) – and resubmit both to the challenge and to the group. And if you haven’t taken a macro of a man-made thing in the past 13 months, maybe this is the time to try again? :-)

Have a good weekend, happy photographing :-)

trish725 trish725 4226 posts

I was one of the guilty ones, sorry. I never saw anything that said about the work having to be fairly recent in the challenge or the rules, will put my specs on next time LOL

Nigel Bangert Nigel Bangert 750 posts

Glad I’m not the only one!

Themis Themis 3062 posts

Glad I’m not the only one!

Oh, if only! :-)

AuntDot AuntDot 4904 posts

Oh…sorry! By the time I found an image suitable for the challenge, I forgot about the date restraint! Getting old!

Themis Themis 3062 posts

Getting old!

Nah, just the library is expanding, we need to update the maps :-)

BigAndRed BigAndRed 127 posts

how about photos that are obviously not macro?

Themis Themis 3062 posts

how about photos that are obviously not macro?

Not wanting to go into a debate about exactly what constitutes a ‘macro’, and knowing that not everyone has a ‘macro’ lens (or indeed, interchangeable lenses), works for which the ‘macro’ mode of the camera was used to capture a very small (man-made) object, or part of a man-made object, are accepted. It seems hard enough to get a date added to the description – asking for the focal length would be too much (a lot of people would not even check the exif data of their images!).

We still want the challenges to be fun, we want to encourage people to take and add new work and challenge themselves. We don’t want to become the photo police :-)

Manon Boily Manon Boily 3335 posts

some people don’t even take time to read. same problem in my groups

Eve Parry Eve Parry 882 posts

Do we have to date each entry from now on, or is it just the macro challenge.

ellismorleyphto ellismorleyphto 6339 posts

Do we have to date each entry from now on, or is it just the macro challenge

Eve, it is not all the challenges, just certain ones, however this will always be clear in the challenge description and where possible will also be in the challenge title AND the group title… when it IS possible to put it in the group title, there’s little excuse to miss it either ;-) Just sayin’. With affection, of course, you’re all awesome. I have always put the date (where known, some of my cameras reset their calendar/clocks regularly esp. my dSLR and I cannot always be relied upon to remember going to a place without having a photo, let alone knowing when I went to said place) on my works since I joined here, it’s second nature now but if you don’t like to have the date on your works, you can always remove it as soon as the challenge is over/features are done.

The reasoning for the dates is that sometimes we want people to go out and take a photograph rather than just show the same works over and over… I know that there must be countless works that grate on individuals because they appear to see them in every single challenge since they joined the site. Even if those works are not added to everything, I would imagine everyone has at least ONE work in their head with that statement, it’s a perception and not a “point out that work” exercise.

Even without that “one work wins everything” perception (again, perception and reality are not necessarily the same!) idea, as hosts we like to push our members a little bit, encourage people to keep snapping.

Not only that but part of a photography challenge, to me, is just that. Go out now (or go around your home now) and take a photo of this or that. Even for me who is seriously neglecting my camera, I cannot help taking the odd photo on my phone when I am sitting at my desk or on a train or outside the hospital waiting to go back in (visiting not ill) and so on… but hopefully this will give some sort of a nudge to people. Wanting it to be manmade is great for people who do have disabilities or other issues not being able to go out for the week that the challenge is running.

ellismorleyphto ellismorleyphto 6339 posts

Just a general aside to the whole idea of “go out and take a photo” concept for dated challenges:
I think that if you were taking a photography course and had an assignment to go and photograph some water or, I don’t know, a cat/dog/bird/milk bottle/car/whatever, that the teacher would not look too kindly upon a work that was so obviously taken ages ago. They would look at the exif data and give you an F, no doubt. I guess think that you are on an assignment or something… if you are entering a dated challenge (and changing a date but leaving in feature banners/comments from 4 years ago is not fooling anyone and only cheating yourself) then please just go and find something. We always make them as easy as possible: 100% manmade, ANY type of bird in any pose, Macro of something manmade and so on, with the ONLY thing being that we want you to submit new work.

We are nice people, we don’t like to be harsh and actually we don’t like to reject works or remove works from challenges but sometimes it’s unavoidable.

If work is rejected or removed, before resubmitting, please just do the following

  1. remember it is not personal, you are awesome and your photos are FANTASTIC.
  2. take a deep breath.
  3. read the title AND challenge description. Fully.
  4. look at the example image which will be EXACTLY what we are looking for
  5. if needed, re-read the challenge description. In its entirety.

If you firmly and honestly hand on heart believe that your image meets ALL the criteria please feel free to contact myself or Themis. Or better still, drop both of us a Bubblemail in case one of us is away, isn’t copy/paste amazing?

I just worked on a “group walkthrough” which needs to be looked over before submitting but if it looks OK, I shall be posting that in the group forums. :-)

Themis Themis 3062 posts

Thanks, Joanne – exactly what I wanted to say but was asleep :-)

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