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Cows Challenge

ellismorleyphto ellismorleyphto 6347 posts

So the cows challenge finished last Tuesday and now am all caught up again for Tuesdays, yay.

Anyway, despite the week since it finished and despite being CERTAIN that I accepted at least one of them into the group, don’t know what happened… there were 3 works that could not be featured. Amongst the works NOT in the top 10 it was very hard to find works to feature…. while it would have been nice to feature all it was actually hard to find 5 works that were actually in the group.

No matter ;-) Please enjoy the bovine awesomeness on the group overview page and congratulate this winning artist.

Highland Cow
by John Thurgood

Lynn Gedeon Lynn Gedeon 1334 posts

What an absolutely wonderful portrait, John! Congrats on your feature!

Dlouise Dlouise 3043 posts

Congrats on your feature John,,,awesome capture!!

Forfarlass Forfarlass 138 posts

What a great photo.Congratulations on your feature. xx