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Bouquets for Mum

This challenge closed over 6 years ago.

The Challenge

#Please read

March has at least 2 important dates for women:

  1. 8 March – International Women’s Day
  2. Mothering Sunday in UK and possibly other countries (last Sunday in March)
    Let’s show our appreciation for our mothers, grandmothers, teachers, all the women in our lives by bringing them a lovely bouquet of flowers saying ‘thank you for all you do for us’. It is customary to bring them flowers on this occasion, but unlike Valentine’s Day roses, the flowers for Mother’s Day or Women’s Day are all colours, offered in bunches, usually of early spring flowers (from snowdrops to daffodils, NOT callas or lilies).
    So, let’s see pictures of early spring bouquets (but NOT bride’s ones), for example:
  3. offered to someone (so ‘in someone’s hands’);
  4. in a flower shop (so ‘ready to be bought and offered’);
  5. in a vase (so ‘received’)

Please note
Entries must be DIFFERENT than last year’s challenge (fresh flowers, fresh photos, please)

  1. NO macros
  2. NO bridal bouquets
  3. NO valentine bouquets
  4. NO callas, NO lilies
  5. NO bugs on the bouquets, please

Judging / Voting Criteria

Ladies: Vote for the bouquet(s) you’d like to receive
Gentlemen: Vote for the one(s) you’d pick to offer

Rewards & Prizes

  1. Bragging rights
  2. Banners for top ten photos
  3. Features for the Top 10 and 2 host choices (or as many from the top 10 that are in the group, plus the remaining places as ‘hosts’ choices’).

Please Note: There will be no reminders to add work to the group and the host’s feature decisions will be final.

Additional Information

Same as last year’s one, for this challenge, the following will not be accepted:

  1. flower extreme macros (or any other macros) – I want to see a few whole flowers
  2. single flowers (the minimum number is 3 in a bunch, and sorry, that doesn’t mean 3 single flowers each in a little vase) – the picture opposite is as close and as few as will be allowed
  3. monotone pictures – this is a celebration of Spring as much as a celebration of women, and we need lots of colour after the dull days of winter
  4. snowdrops, as we just had a challenge just for them
    *Last but not least: your challenge entry must belong to the group (especially if you want it featured :-)). *

Cover Image: Bouquet. by Vitta


The Top Ten

Floral Rainbow by Aj Finan

Floral Rainbow by Aj Finan was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 10 votes.

  • For You by Christine  Wilson
  • A Bouquet From The Garden by A.M. Ruttle
  • The Grower's Hands by Rebecca Cozart
  • Iris by Lucinda Walter
  • Bouquet of roses and tulips by Maggie Hegarty
  • "A Bouquet for You ...." by Rosehaven
  • Tulips from Table Cape by TonyCrehan
  • Bouquet. by Vitta
  • Time is Passing By  ! by Irene  Burdell

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