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View from 10Km and above

This challenge closed over 7 years ago.

The Challenge

#Enter your photo in the group as soon as you enter it in the challenge#

(10km, or 30000ft if you prefer, is the altitude at which most commercial airliners fly)
This should be an easy one – you know that height where everything looks very, very small, and you see the curvature of the planet? That’s what I’m talking about – no low-flying planes, no balloons, not high towers and no high mountains: you must have been in a plane flying at high altitude when taking the picture entered. We hope to see more than clouds :-)

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for those you like, as many as they are

Rewards & Prizes

The usual fame and applause, plus:

  1. Winner and next top 5 featured
  2. Winner will be invited to take part in next month’s Group Avatar challenge

Additional Information

  1. PLEASE make sure that your entry belongs to the group or else it will be removed – and if we don’t catch it at moderation stage, and we try to feature your winning/top ten placed entry, we can’t do it if it’s not in the group, so your place in the Featured line-up goes to the next in line. Thanks
  2. Please note this challenge is shorter than usual, to give the winners some time to add their picture to the Avatar challenge

Cover Image: Earth on fire... by ellismorleyphto


The Top Ten

Majestic Mount Rainier by Tori Snow

Majestic Mount Rainier by Tori Snow was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 9 votes.

  • Murmurs of the Matterhorn by Lolabud
  • Canadian Rockies by Andrew & Mariya  Rovenko
  • TOGETHER WE FLY by RakeshSyal
  • French Polynesian Island by Martyn Baker | Martyn Baker Photography
  • Fuji-san by Valerie Rosen
  • Earth of the South by Adnane Mouhyi
  • Somewhere Above The Alps by Mojca Savicki
  • Sunset over the Tasman Sea by bazcelt
  • Dreaming in Turquoise Too by A.M. Ruttle

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