Pylon Photos and Art

This group is for pylon photo’s and art.

Recent Work

  • Power by Matthew Williams
  • Metal by Matthew Williams
  • bird stand by twistwashere
  • Under the Lion's Gate... by RichImage
  • Desert, Oman by Rick Senley
  • Capitalism by Clockworkmary
  • Major Rail Works Vulcan Village by Stan Owen
  • Rooftops And Chimney's by Stan Owen
  • Long exposure pylon.  by Merlin72
  • Taller than the trees by FollowingTLites
  • Washing the windows by Tim Coleman

About This Group

This group is for pylon photo’s and art.

We are here to help each other out with critique and tips, and to learn advanced skills together as a group on Pylons.

also worth looking at is this super site ..
The Pylon Appreciation Society @

Yangtze River Crossing 2003 China Jiangyin 346.5m Tallest pylons in the world.


py·lon Show Spelled Pronunciation[pahy-lon]
1. a marking post or tower for guiding aviators, frequently used in races.
2. a relatively tall structure at the side of a gate, bridge, or avenue, marking an entrance or approach.
3. a monumental tower forming the entrance to an ancient Egyptian temple, consisting either of a pair of tall quadrilateral masonry masses with sloping sides and a doorway between them or of one such mass pierced with a doorway.
4. a steel tower or mast carrying high-tension lines, telephone wires, or other cables and lines.
5. Aeronautics. a finlike device used to attach engines, auxiliary fuel tanks, bombs, etc., to an aircraft wing or fuselage.

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