Purple Passion Gallery. 2 per day

Welcome to ‘Purple Passion Gallery’ 50% purple

Recent Work

  • Purple and White Lisianthus by Susan Savad
  • 2018   Great Pumpkin Carve at the Chads Ford Historical Society's Grouds by Stephen  J. Vattimo
  • iris from my garden by gaylene
  • No Hiding Place! Bee on Rose by BlueMoonRose
  • OCD Disturber by TeAnne
  • Delicate I by CarlaSophia
  • Layer Cake in Purple by heidiannemorris
  • Autumn Foliage at Galena Creek by Elaine Bawden
  • Purple Ombre Lips by TeAnne
  • Australia native hibiscus by indiafrank
  • Purple and Porcelain by Pat Yager
  • SPIRALING OUT OF CONTROL by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon

About This Group

Welcome to ‘Purple Passion Gallery’ a group to share all predominantly purple artwork/photos and also all forms of writing.

Please note the following guidelines:

  1. Purple it the main feature
  2. it must be 50% purple.
  3. NO PORN.

– Only TWO uploads per member per day Maximum.

– Please only upload your BEST work so we can keep the quality high. Pick wisely so that you showcase your very best work.


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