Public Utilities

Beauty in the Banal

Recent Work

  • Wind Farm by Darcy Overland
  • Little Cogs In A Big Wheel by TonyCrehan
  • The Old Pumping Station - Steam Engine by TonyCrehan
  • Rusty Hydrant by WildestArt
  • Street Art by Peter Baglia
  • A view of Wolfe Island by Allen Lucas
  • Queens by night by Jimmy Joe
  • Sunset Charge by John Dunbar
  • Cowley Ridge Windfarm by Alyce Taylor
  • Powerful Storm by Alyce Taylor
  • St. Francisville Hydrant by Angie Seiffert
  • Second Wind by luckylarue

About This Group

Hydrants, Drains, Manhole Covers, Spigots… and that’s just the Water Works Department! Brand new and shiny, or old and decrepit, details, macros, or long shots… as long as the utility is clearly the subject!

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