Recent Work

  • Madonna Window by phil decocco
  • Lotsa Knots by phil decocco
  • Boot And Stirrup by phil decocco
  • Good Catch by phil decocco
  • Griffin by phil decocco
  • Discophorus by Ludwig Wagner
  • St. Elizabeth by Alexandra Lavizzari
  • Angel of Peace by phil decocco
  • New York City - Summer Evening by Vivienne Gucwa
  • Departure Of The Volunteers 1792 by phil decocco
  • Frolickers by phil decocco
  • Seafaring Statue, Ibiza. by Trish Meyer

About This Group

Description: This group is for the kind of art you find at the side of the
road or in a town or city centre, The kind of art that is placed there by
the local council or group attached to the town or city. It can range from
placards to sulptures from gardens to architecture and buildings as long as it is deemed as public art.

1. You should try to include as much detail of the piece as possible such as
the artist if it is availible or at the very least the place the shot is

2. NO Pornography please!

3. you can upload two works per day and a bit of Photoshop is allowed as
long as you can still see the original artwork.

4. You can have a maximum of ten works at a time

5. Please only upload your BEST work Pick wisely so that you showcase your very best work.

6. Any work that does not meet the group guidelines will be rejected however if you wish you can bm the host for further details.

7. All subjects are welcome.

8. The Group Motto is have fun.

9. Please note that by placing your work it may be used on the group web page to promote the group and it’s work. all work will be fully attributed to you as the artist and also there is a link on the site that will link back to the group if someone wishes to buy your work. If you do not wish this to happen the you must not upload to this group.

See the group rules and join this group here