Proudest Portraiture Photography. Give me your best! - please read terms/rules.

Group Rules:

- Photography only – no paintings.

- No SNAPSHOTS. This group is accepting art, and while photography is about capturing a special moment, snapshots ignoring artistic photographic, and/or basic techniques will not be accepted.

- KEPP YOUR EDITING TO A MINIMAL AMOUNT!!!! If we think that your photo has been edited or photoshopped to what we consider an unnatural or distasteful amount, we will not accept your photo! This group is all about good quality, emotive photos, not ‘over-the-top’ editing skills trying to achieve ‘perfection’.

- No group portraits. Single subjects only please!

- No animal portraits, humans only.

- No distasteful or sexually suggestive/derogative nudity. Keep the private parts out of frame please.

- No texts, titles, headings or captions within the images (watermarks are appropriate).

- No negative critiquing or criticizing other people’s work! If you don’t like the image, move on to the next one!!

-This last one is not a rule, But please take some time to encourage, comment on and view other people’s work in the group! Everyone likes to know their good work is being seen and appreciated.ENJOY!!!!