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Prima Challenge #23 of 2014 (16th - 30th November 2014)

This challenge closed over 3 years ago.

The Challenge

The rules are very simple. If you have an image that has WON any challenge in any other Redbubble Group between 16th – 30th November 2014 please enter it into this challenge. Previous PRIMA winning images can’t enter again. If you have an invitation to enter, please be fair to other RB challenge winners and only enter it into the challenge you have been invited to. If you’ve missed the deadline, it’s too late. If you were lucky enough to have won more than one challenge in the specific period, you will have to select which ONE image you want to submit, and the ones which haven’t been submitted don’t qualify for the next challenge, unless it wins another challenge.

PLEASE HELP MAKE MY MODERATION EASY and post a link to the challenge you have won in the description area of your work. If there is no link or clear indication which challenge you have won THE IMAGE MAY BE REMOVED from the challenge.

If you don’t know how to do a link on RedBubble, you can see how easy it is HERE

Submit it to the challenge and to the group. If your image is not in the group it cannot be FEATURED.

Moderation will be done during voting time and then there won’t be a second chance to submit something else.

Please respect the moderators and abide with RedBubble policy.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Having won a challenge is already proof that your work has been celebrated by the RB community. Now you have the opportunity to compete against all other group challenge winners to be voted the best of the best. Please vote for the BEST image!

Rewards & Prizes

Only the TOP 10 and featured work will remain in the group.

The first place winner’s image will be featured in the group, and also be the avatar of the group till the next challenge closes. That image can’t enter another challenge in this group. The first place winner will be featured in our annual Hall of Fame gallery and the opportunity to compete in a Best of the Year Challenge.

Additional Information

Previous Stunning Prima Winners! Congratulations… You were the best of the best.
Please don’t enter these winners to another PRIMA Challenge.

Cover Image: Tiny wonders by EbyArts


The Top Ten

Winding Road by timmburgess

Winding Road by timmburgess was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 13 votes.

  • Into the light by MartijnKort
  • Stairway Garden-Galles, Italy by Deborah Downes
  • Magyar Vizsla by lucyliu
  • Vanilla Twilight... by Karen  Helgesen
  • winter robin by marxbrothers
  • Needleye by AJM Photography
  • Simple A Lady by Jo Nijenhuis
  • My grand-son Luca by Ivana Pinaffo
  • Jill Anne by ten2eight

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